Buffalo Check Boys’ Bedroom

A darling Buffalo Check Bedroom for my boys…simple, classic, and on a budget!


When we moved in to Old Salt Farm, my boys had a large bunk bed that we originally built to fit a different home.  It was well built, really sturdy, and so cute, but because of the design and what they were made of, it took up so much of the boy’s room that they had hardly any space left for anything else, and very little walking room.

After living with it for over a year, it was finally time to switch out the beds and for a boys’ bedroom makeover. It turned out SO cute–I absolutely love the buffalo check, and the new beds fit perfectly. Best of all…I did it on a budget!


Black Buffalo Check Boys' Bedroom Makeover | Boys' Room on a Budget | oldsaltfarm.com #buffalocheck #boysbedroom #bedroommakeover #industrialbedroom

I love the simplicity of it–but that’s definitely my style. I prefer a clean, classic look that’s easy to maintain, and the black and grey are perfect for my boys.  If I want to add another color in, it will be really easy to do that through pillows and other accessories. I really like it as is, too!

We were going to build another smaller set of bunk beds with a different design that would work better in the space, but the boys begged to have separate beds. Fortunately I came across these super cute metal beds, and they worked perfectly.

The dresser was mine as a child, and it’s been through lots and lots of coats of paint over the years.  It’s been in many different bedrooms, but I think it’s found a good spot now.  It originally had a door in front of where the bin is now, but it had a really feminine design that my boys didn’t love, so it was easy to just take it off. I prefer the bin anyway, and they keep their reading books in there.

They have a loft in their room that adds a ton of playing space, and it’s where they keep all of their Legos.   You can see the top railing in the picture below, and there’s a ladder toward the foot of the bed that they climb to get up there.

We all love their bedroom makeover! 

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Black Buffalo Check Bedroom

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  1. Buffalo checks are just right! Adding the plus pillows so adds to the overall look. I am sure your boys are quite happy with the results! And most important is the piece from your childhood. That is so nice! Maybe one day one of them will be using this in your grandchild’s room.

    1. I would be so happy if the dresser was used in a grandchild’s room one day…I love being able to pass down pieces to generations. xoxo

  2. love the buffalo check in black and white and love the lighting too! perfect for boys!

    1. I’m so sorry, Sarah–I tried searching as well, and I think that means that they no longer carry that particular bedding. :(

  3. Hi Kierste,

    Long time follower. Just a quick question about the beds. I was thinking of ordering some for my boys room. How have the beds held up? Have you added any storage underneath the beds at all?


    1. Hi, Courtney! The beds have held up really well…they’re still going strong, and we love them. I don’t have any storage under the beds, except one basket for each boy, that they can hold their books, a few legos, etc. But there’s plenty of room if you wanted to have crates or baskets. Hope this helps!! xoxo

    1. Unfortunately that means that they probably don’t sell them anymore. :( I found a couple that would be really cute too:


      (affiliate links)

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