Best summer movies for families…including teens!

Our family loves movies, and summer movie nights are a common occurrence around our house. Popping popcorn, snuggling up on the couch together–it’s the best! We’ve watched a lot of movies as a family, and I thought I’d gather some of our very favorite summer movies that are perfect for your next movie night and share them with you!

My kids are mostly younger (five of them are age nine and younger), with just one older, so we are watching movies that are for that general age group. If you have an age span of kids, these movies will still appeal for the most apart across the board, and are movies that the whole family can enjoy.  Many of these are ones that I enjoyed as a child, watching with my family, and they bring back a ton of memories.  We watched them on a VCR though–do you remember how long it took to rewind or fast forward?  Yay for DVDs!  You may notice that I also included the original versions of movies, including Parent Trap, The Love Bug, and Freaky Friday. I’ve always loved them the best!

I also created a separate “teen” list, for those of you that have mostly teens and even older tweens, depending on what your family rules are when it comes to movies. Every movie I’ve included, even the ones for teenagers, are rated either G or PG, except for the last few in the Harry Potter series.  Our kids don’t get to watch those until they’re pretty old. :) The Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean movies I just included the first in the series, because those are the ones that are rated PG.

50 Best Summer Movies for Families |

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Parent Trap (the original)

The Rookie 


National Treasure

Night at the Museum

Field of Dreams

The Black Stallion

The Love Bug


Summer Magic


October Sky

Secondhand Lions

Freaky Friday (original)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids



Spy Kids

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Finding Nemo

Nanny McPhee

Escape to Witch Mountain

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Shaggy Dog

The Princess Diaries

The Happiest Millionaire

An American Tail

Chronicles of Narnia

The Incredibles



 How to Train Your Dragon

Bridge to Terabithia

10 best summer movies for families with teens |


Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Cloak & Dagger

 War Games

Karate Kid

 Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harry Potter Series

Pirates of the Carribean and the Curse of the Black Pearl


The Princess Bride

Ever After

Back to the Future



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  1. Great lists! I love camp movies for summer like Heavyweights, Space Camp, Camp Cucamonga, and Camp Nowhere. So many memories are attached to them!

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