Alphabet Wood Framed Signs

Adorable farmhouse style alphabet wood framed signs that are perfect in a nursery, bedroom, playroom, laundry room…and pretty much anywhere! 

Farmhouse Style Wood Framed Alphabet Signs | simply

As I started decorating Old Salt Farm, I had a vision for my 3 year old’s room. It included a distressed white dresser, a metal bed, white ruffled bedding, gingham, and lots of farmhouse style. I had everything else completed, except over the bed, and I had been thinking about it for awhile when it came to me…

Farmhouse Style Wood Framed Alphabet Signs | simply

I adore these alphabet wood signs, and they are perfection over her bed. They lend just the right touch of farmhouse style, and I just love the way the wood adds a little contrast to the room.  Best of all, they were super easy to make!

Farmhouse Style Wood Framed Alphabet Signs | simply

You can make these in any size you like, but mine are each 16×20 (plus the frame).  She has a queen bed, and I wanted them big enough to to fit that space.  The supplies list is for the size I made, but you can alter as necessary.


SUPPLIES: (affiliate links included below)

-2 pieces MDF, cut to 16×20

-white or cream latex paint ( I used leftover wall paint)

black craft paint

-alphabet stencil ***see more info below–and coupon code!***

foam brushes

-furring strips, cut to fit





  1. Paint your boards with white paint, let dry completely.
  2. Place your stencils on the boards, and use black paint to paint them on.  Let dry completely, then remove stencil.  ***Usually I use my Silhouette to cut out any vinyl I use, but I’ll often order vinyl stencils when my project involves a project bigger than my Cameo can cut, or the spacing is tricky.  These signs are 16×20, and even though I could have divided up the letters into two pieces and added them separately, the spacing is such that I wanted to make sure it was done right.  So…I ordered the stencils from the darling Erin, the girl behind Erin’s Craft Days Etsy shop.  She is selling the stencils in her shop, and is offering a 15% off discount to my readers. Just use the code OLDSALTFARM15.  (Expires June 17, 2017)
  3. Stain the furring strips, and let dry completely.
  4. Use the power sander to distress the signs as much as you like.  Wipe off excess dust.
  5. Add the furring strips around the sides of the sign. For all the details on furring strips and how to add them (plus pictures!), check out my Farmhouse Sign post!

And that’s it!  The cutest signs ever!!

Farmhouse Style Wood Framed Alphabet Signs | simply

Farmhouse Style Wood Framed Alphabet Signs | simply

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