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Spring has definitely sprung and the abundance of beautiful flowers in the garden is proof! Appropriately enough, our theme this month is flowers and we’ve got 10 amazing flower theme ideas.  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite projects for flowers that I did about four years ago, and still use every year.  I LOVE it!

I love this old washtub. I love it in the fall especially, full of pumpkins, and stacked with cornstalks on my front porch. But I loved it so much, that I wanted to be able to use it year round, and decided a washtub planter was the perfect thing!

Washtub Planter | oldsaltfarm.com

I poked a few holes in the bottom for drainage, filled it with potting soil and flowers, and then made a cute chalkboard sign on the front. It’s perfect for my back porch! When fall comes around again, the chalkboard will look darling with “pumpkins” written on the front. I’ve also used it for my little herb garden, and now it says “herbs”.   If you’re looking for a washtub, I would check Home Depot or Lowe’s–I’ve actually seen them in the Gardening Department before.  You could also check thrift stores and your local Habitat Re-store…I’ve found so many treasures there before.


metal washtub–old, or new

painters tape

chalkboard spray paint


1. If you are using an old washtub, wipe off the outside of the tub well, and let dry.

2. Using the painters tape, mark off the size of chalkboard that you would like.

3. Following the directions on the can, apply the chalkboard paint. I applied two coats, 20 minutes apart, then let sit for 24 hours.

4. Peel off the tape. You can now write on the chalkboard.

5. Plant your flowers, and enjoy!

Washtub Planter | oldsaltfarm.com

Happy Planting!!!

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  1. LOVE it. Kristi just gave me a washtub she saved from bulk trash…I know just what to do with it now!! XO

  2. I’ve got an old wash tub just sitting out in the shed – now I know what to do with it!

  3. Approximately how much potting soil does it take to fill the tub? I love the idea but have not idea how much it will take to fill it.

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