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I have this habit.  Every Saturday throughout the spring, summer, and fall I buy fresh flowers at my local grocer or farmer’s market.  It’s one of my favorite things, and a splurge that I get so much enjoyment from. Tulips are my go-to in the spring, and when summer hits, peonies are always beckoning my name. I simply couldn’t resist these vivid, summer pink peonies when I saw them, and they brightened up my home for nearly two weeks!

pink peonies summer flowers white curtains

It was really the case of the traveling peonies…they made their way through the kitchen and dining room several times over the course of those two weeks, and I loved seeing them in all the different light.

ink peonies summer flowers dutch door

If you’re looking for a way to add a little color and summer charm to your home, pink peonies — or any fresh flowers — will do the trick! It’s my secret to brightening up our home, and making it homey and cozy.

old salt farm pink peonies

I also recently put up white linen curtains at my kitchen windows, and I’m in love.  The windows face our back property and a gorgeous wooded view, so I usually prefer to have no curtains (our family room doesn’t have them either), but they became necessary.  The kitchen windows also face the west, so as the sun goes down each day, it shines directly into the kitchen.  During the winter I love it, but during the summer months it’s way too hot and bright.  So…kitchen curtains became the answer.

ink peonies summer flowers white curtains

I chose a white muslin for several reasons. They’re sheer enough to let plenty of light through, but also block the blinding brightness and diffuse the light beautifully.  They blend in with my walls and kitchen. And…they’re white.  Which I adore.  They really are perfection, and I’m so happy with them!  I didn’t want them taking up much window room, because I love my view so much, so I bought the panels to fit my windows almost exactly, so there wouldn’t be a lot of bulk. The other great thing about muslin is that it isn’t bulky, and they fit nicely on each side of the window without taking up too much room.

ink peonies summer flowers white curtains

Gorgeous.  Summer Pink Peonies & White Kitchen Curtains.

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Summer Pink Peonies & White Kitchen Curtains

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