Summer Activities Calendar for Families 2021

A printable summer activities calendar for families. A perfect place to keep all of the summer happenings organized and in one place!


I can’t believe it’s already time to create another printable summer activities calendar…and that this is my 10th year making them! This calendar has been my side for many summers now, and it’s just as valuable now as it was the first year.


I love having a separate calendar to fill up with all the “possibles”. It gives me space for all of the library story times, local festivals, holiday celebrations, and other summer activities that are regularly scheduled throughout the summer months. I don’t want to put them all of my regular calendar since weren’t necessarily all activities that we would be doing.

Printable Summer Calendar

Write down on this calendar everything going on to keep them all in one spot. Then use it to add to your regular calendar when necessary. Or you can use it in a completely different way! Whatever your needs or preferences, you can use it to fit them.

You can print this calendar, or use it digitally as an excel file.

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