Striped Halloween Mason Jar Soap Pump

Did you know there is a super easy way to make and adorable mason jar soap pump?  I’ve made them in the past using vintage jars and soap pumps cut from plastic soap dispensers, and I love them still, but this way is just SO easy.  You can use a plain jar, which is always a classic choice, but I thought a fun black & white striped version would be perfect for Halloween!

DIY Striped Mason Jar Soap Pump |

I love love LOVE it!  Isn’t it too adorable?  Stripes are another one of my obsessions, so it was an easy choice.  How cute would this be, sitting on your kitchen counter or next to your bathroom sink?  I know!

Striped Mason Jar Soap Pump |

What makes it so easy?  I picked up a mason jar soap pump kit at Michael’s for around $3, using a coupon.  It’s just a couple of pieces that easily take the place of the jar lid, and the ring keeps it in place. We’re talking 30 seconds or less.  LOVE that!

Striped Mason Jar Soap Pump |

Making the stripes was also very simple to do–you just have to wait out the drying time.  Here’s how I did it…


– pint mason jar (regular mouth)

-frog tape or painters tape

-craft paint, black and white

-foam brushes


-clear sealing spray

mason jar soap pump kit (affiliate link)


1.  Clean and dry jar.  Using a foam brush, paint the entire jar white.  Let dry at least 3-4 hours, then apply another coat.  You’ll need at least two coats, maybe three or even four, depending on how opaque you want it.  I like mine more distressed, so I only did two.  Plus, I’m impatient. :)

2.  Using the painters tape/frog tape, make your stripes.  It’s easy to do one right underneath the threads, and ending just above “Ball”, then one right below it. I only had tape that’s 1.44 inches on hand, so I used scissors to cut it in half, then overlapped a couple of pieces to get the right width. You can do that…or buy the right size at the store!

DIY Striped Mason Jar Soap Pump |

3.  With your foam brush, paint on the black. I needed three coats for this, to get it over the white really well.

4.  Once the black is dry, remove the tape.  Use the sandpaper to remove the paint from the words on the jar.  Like I said, I like mine distressed, so I removed some of the paint from the rest of the jar as well.

5.  Wipe off the dust and pat dry.  Seal with a sealing spray and let dry completely.

6. Add on the soap pump kit, and you’re set!  Easy peasy!

DIY Striped Mason Jar Soap Pump |

DIY Striped Mason Jar Soap Pump |

These make adorable gifts! What a fun hostess gift for a fall or Halloween party!  Neighbors, friends, teachers…anyone would love to get this super cute mason jar soap pump.  I know I would!

Halloween Mason Jar Soap Pump

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