Printable Summer Calendar for Families 2018


We have been talking about our summer plans this past week, and I realized how quickly it’s going to be here. It may not be *quite* spring here in upstate New York, and we don’t get out of school until the last week of June, but I know that many of you end as soon as the middle of May. I share this printable summer calendar every year, and I’ve been using it to keep my summer organized for many years.  It’s my favorite way to keep track of all the fun summer activities, and I don’t think I could do summer without it!

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Towards the end of school, flyers start coming home about all the summer camps, events, and activities happening throughout our town and area.  Add in park days, library story times, berry picking schedules, concerts, festivals, and holiday events, and there are SO many things to keep track of.

I love having a summer calendar separate from my monthly calendar that I keep note of all the things happening in one place–and then we can decide which ones we are attending, and write those on the monthly calendar. It means I don’t have a bunch of flyers or info stacked up that I have to keep track of separately, or activities forgotten about, because I didn’t have them right in front me.  It also means that I don’t clutter up the monthly calendar with events and activities we aren’t necessarily going to attend.

Printable Summer Calendar for Families


Each month prints to one page, and you can slide them in page protectors to put them in a binder, tack them up on your fridge or bulletin board, or whatever works best for you.  There are three spots for each day of every week, so you have plenty of room for all the activities and events going on.

Download the file below, and save to your computer, then print on to white cardstock or paper. I’ve included an excel file which you can edit–if you prefer to type in the activities–and a pdf, if you just want it to print so you can write everything in.


Excel File

PDF file


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  2. Oooo I wish I would have found this pre-summer! It’s exactly what I needed. I ended up using an extra 12 month calendar I had, but I love the compact easy layout of this!

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