Footprint Rug

I am in love with capturing my children’s footprints and hand prints. Seriously {LOVE}.

For Mother’s Day this year, I made my mom a footprint rug for her kitchen, and it is ADORABLE. That tiny little footprint, next to all of her siblings?  Darling.  I can’t stand it, it’s so cute.

footrprint rug |

It’s perfect.  And…it’s super easy!  I was SO excited when I came across this rug in the kitchen aisle at Target (only $8) last week, because I knew was going to save me a lot of time not adding the border myself.  It was exactly what I was looking for! The border frames the footprints perfectly, and the red makes the white lettering pop!

footprint rug |


-kitchen rug (a plain color)

-fabric paint

-Silhouette heat transfer


I used a foam brush to apply the fabric paint to the bottom of my kids’ feet, then had them stand straight down on the rug and put their weight on it.  I pressed down their toes and foot to make sure that as much paint as possible would stick to the rug.  Once I was satisfied, I picked their foot straight up, so it wouldn’t smear.

After all the footprints were dry, I applied the heat transfer that I cut out with my Silhouette, which I used for all of the text.  It’s actually the flocked kind, which I think adheres really well to thicker/bumpier fabric. (Font = My Own Topher) I wanted to make sure my kids’ names and the date were included, so we would know the order of the footprints and how old they were when it was done.

That’s it!!! I told you it was easy, and my kids LOVED making it.  Now I’m dying to make myself one! Wish I could be with my mom when she sees it for the first time, because I know she’s going to love it. She might even cry.  I know, because it makes me want to cry too. ♥

footprint rug |

I  was telling my sister about the rug, and she told me she didn’t think she could do it because she had two kids, and it wouldn’t fill up enough space–or she would need a smaller rug.  If you are in the same position, I think it would be SUPER cute to make a pattern with lots of their footprints–not just one of each!

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  1. Love it. Seriously cute… I used to stencil on those larger carpet samples and make cute welcome mats, but that was way before fabric paint, so this is a fantastic idea. That little footprint is so dear right there with her cute family…

  2. I LOVE this and want to make this for both grandma’s. I might need a smaller mat though since we only have the one little one. But I love the family footprints and I have to agree there is just something about the little tiny footprint….

    1. You could do a smaller rug, or you could do lots of your little one’s footprints, in a cute pattern!!!

    2. Janis, what if you do both feet in the middle, and then both hands on each side of the corresponding feet! Cute!

  3. I’m such a copycat! I’m sooooo into this for Mother’s Day gifts this year! I couldn’t find the rug on Target’s website, but Walmart to the rescue. Only $8.77 & available in black, brown, & red!

  4. I love my daughters foot and hand print so much! It seems time flies and they are not tiny long. Have you ever heard of the company Piggies & Paws? You should check them out…I adore their work and it is very reasonable prices!

  5. Hi Kierste!
    I love everything you do and look at your site for inspiration weekly. I recently bought my Silhouette and have been making everything possible with it since I purchased it. I would like to make this rug, but don’t quite understand the lettering. Did you use fabric for the letters with heat transfer? Or just heat transfer? I’m kinda cutting it close for this mother’s day and just need to figure this part up to be able to whip this up for both grandmas. Thanks!!!! And thanks for your amazing blog!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your kind words. :) All of the lettering is heat transfer–no fabric. I use heat transfer because I can put all of the letters on at one time. When you use fabric, the letters aren’t “hooked” together, which means you have to place them on individually and line them up your yourself. When it comes to big projects with lots of text, I use heat transfer, and save the fabric for shapes or one initial at a time. Have fun! XO

  6. Love it!!! I do not have a cutout maker of any kind. Any advice on doing lettering without one?

    1. You can cut it out by hand, if you’re up for it! You can buy sheets of heat transfer at Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s. Print out stencils from your computer, trace them on the heat transfer, then cut them out and iron on. Remember to print your images in reverse, because when you iron them on, they’ll be flipped over.

      A much easier option would be to purchase the lettering. I found this particular shop on etsy:

      I just did a quick search, and if you looked a little more in depth, you’ll probably find a bunch more.

      Good luck!!! xoxo

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