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 I eat Greek yogurt everyday. I LOVE it.  It’s my favorite thing to have for breakfast, and has been for several years. When I got the opportunity to hold a Yoplait taste-off between Yoplait and Chobani, I was really excited, because I’ve bought both–and eaten both, and I was really curious to see which one I would choose in a blind taste test. I’m not the only one who loves yogurt at my house. We eat a lot of yogurt as family–it’s such a great snack or part of a meal–so I knew I wanted this taste-off to include all of us, to see which one my family would choose.  Today was the day to find out the Best Greek Yogurt!

The contenders were Yoplait Greek Blueberry and Chobani Greek Bluberry Fruit on the Bottom

greek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.com

We broke out the blindfold, and since my husband was in charge of getting it, it was a lovely shade of camo.  ☺ You would think it was Christmas morning, my kids were so excited! To start with, I stirred up the Chobani. That may go against every greek yogurt rule there is, but I can’t stand the fruit and yogurt separated from each other. Once we were all set up, we went one at a time, switching things up for each person. They took it very seriously, and a couple of them required seconds (and even thirds) before making their final choice. (I think they just wanted more bites…)

greek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.comgreek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.comgreek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.com

My husband and I went last, and then…the kids fought over who got to finish the yogurt.  ☺

greek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.com

greek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.com

After all was said and done, we did have a very clear winner at our house…

greek yogurt taste-off | oldsaltfarm.com

All of my kids and my husband preferred the Yoplait hands down. Taking only taste into consideration, I was torn–and declared it a tie for me.   Chobani is definitely thicker and richer, and has more of a “Greek Yogurt” taste, which I like.  Yoplait is sweeter, not quite as thick, but really creamy.  I liked both, but as far as my family is concerned, YOPLAIT is the best! Oh, and the baby also liked both.  ☺ I guess I’m going back to the store to get more!

So…are you ready for the Greek Taste-off? Which one do you prefer? I’d love to hear about your favorite!


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  1. what is the sugar amount for both items? for my husband that ends up being a big deal since he is watching his weight…he does normally get the Yoplait regular greek yogurt in peach…but sometimes when it is sold out will get dannon or chobani…I know I have looked at the sugar and even carb and protein numbers, but can’t remember…

    1. My favorite is actually the Yoplait Greek Yogurt 100 calorie, and great for watching your weight! Black Cherry is awesome. :) Between the two we tasted, Chobani had three grams less sugar (I think around 11 or 12), and 1 more gram of protein (12). I like both Yoplait and Chobani for different reasons, but they’re both good!!

      1. I agree…both are good for different reasons :) I am actually wanting to try to make our own because he eats so much…but I haven’t taken the plunge…I have bought the milk, but then my boys and I drink it before I can make it…

  2. Good Morning! I loved this challenge as we eat lots of yogurt too! I love Chobani and my kids love Yoplait!
    But let’s talk about what’s really important… your photos!!! I just love your photos. Your children are gorgeous and you do a beautiful job photographing them {being the daughter of a photographer, we all know it’s NOT the camera!}

    What photo editing tool do you use to add the text? I have Ronna D for my phone and Love it! But I’d love one for the computer!
    Thank you for always giving me something fun to read in the mornings!

    1. That’s pretty much how it was at our house too–adults like the Chobani, and kids went for the Yoplait! Thank you so much–I appreciate your kind words! I use Photoshop to edit my photos, but I’ve also used Picmonkey and Picasa. They both have very user-friendly editing tools that will allow you to make basic edits to your photos. They’re both free–Picasa you download to your computer, and Picmonkey is an online program. Photoshop Elements is a much less expensive than Photoshop CS, and is also great for editing photos. Thanks for stopping by!!! xoxo

  3. I really like the Chobani best! I like the thickness and the texture which makes me feel I’m eating something really rich and satisfying. The pictures are adorable !

    1. I love Chobani’s thickness too–one of my favorite things about it!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! xox

  4. OK, a taste test just seems like more fun with a blindfold. :-) We had similar results in ours. Love the Yoplait!

  5. I love Chobani until my husband introduced me to Fage. Which is now our household favorite. Blueberry, raspberry, and cherry are the best. Even my 2 year old eats it and loves it.

    1. I hadn’t heard of Fage until this taste-off–it’s been mentioned by a couple of people as their favorite. Now I’m definitely going to have to try it! I don’t recall seeing it at the grocery store–I need to look for it next time I’m there. Thanks for the flavor recommendations–I always love cherry, so I’ll try that first. :) xoxo

  6. My daughter and I love the Yoplait Greek Yogart while my husband only likes Chobani….go figure.

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