Easy Peasy Washi Tape Clothespins + 10 Ways to Use Clothespins

Do you want to know the fastest and easiest way to “fancy” up clothespins?

Washi Tape Clothespins | oldsaltfarm.com

 Aren’t these Washi Tape Clothespins ADORABLE?  And the best part?  30 seconds people. 30 seconds is all it takes to make one!

I’ve decorated clothespins a variety of ways…with paper, fabric, and paint.  But… the FASTEST and EASIEST way to do it is using Washi Tape–one of my most favorite things ever. I adore clothespins, and I use them all the time, for just about everything. They’re cheap, multi-functional, and totally adorable! They have so many uses around the house, and for gifting.

10 Ways to Use Clothespins | oldsaltfarm.com

Here’s a list of a few of the things I use them for:

Chip Clips…they’re my favorite ones!

Gift Packaging:  I love to clip them on paper sacks filled with a gift or small treats, and use them as a handy and useful embellishment.

Banners/Bunting:   I use clothespins quite a bit on banners and bunting–they clip really well to twine or ribbon, and will hold up pictures, pennants, etc.  Christmas cards look adorable clipped on to twine with clothespins and strung across a mantel, window or doorway.  My Heart Bunting Valentine Countdown uses tiny clothespins that I think would be SO cute with washi tape on them! Decorating for parties or showers is a great time to use clothespins, and you can use washi tape colors and designs that fit the holiday or theme.

Art Boards: Adhere decorated clothespins to a wood board (1×6) and use it as art boards in your playroom or other room in your house. I made some for my girls’ room, and they use them to attach their art to re-purposed shutters.

Magnets: They make darling magnets–just glue a small magnet on to the back of each clothespin, and they’re perfect for a magnet board or the fridge.

Organization: I have framed chicken wire in my kitchen for my kids’ important papers, notes, and invitations on, and I use clothespins to hang them on the wire.  Totally cute, and helps keep me organized!

Holiday Projects: I used clothespins on a darling Paper Sack Advent Calendar that was huge hit!

Home Decor: One of my all-time favorite projects that I LOVE to see on my wall everyday is a Wood Pallet Photo Display that uses clothespins to hand pictures of my family.

 Washi Tape Clothespins | oldsaltfarm.com

If you haven’t tried washi tape before, you really must, very soon.  ☺ I can usually get rolls for about $2 or less, depending on where you get them. You can find them online–one of my favorite places is Pick Your Plum (as of right now they have it for $1.50!!!)–or in craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnn Crafts. Your local scrapbook stores might also carry it.  A roll lasts forever–I sent over 100 Christmas cards during the holidays, used washi tape on the back of each envelope, and I still had more than half a roll left. Try just a roll or two…I don’t think you’ll ever go back to not using it!

 To cover the clothespins, you literally take a piece of tape that’s a little longer than the clothespin, then use scissors to trim the excess off neatly. It’s fast, easy, and you can choose whatever color or design you like to fit your theme, space, or project.  I also use my fingernail or popsicle stick to go over the tape, and press down really well on to the clothespin, so it doesn’t curl up or come off.

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