Vintage Style Spring Stationery

I love pretty stationery, and sending notes.  Sometimes I mail them, but more often than not they accompany a plate of treats, gift jar, or a bunch of flowers.  Everyone loves to know that there is someone thinking about them, and a simple card can make all the difference.  I made vintage style Spring Stationery that is perfect for spring…or anytime!  Whether it’s to cheer someone up, saying thank you, or letting someone know you’re thinking of them, these darling note cards are the perfect thing.

Spring Notecards | Vintage Notecards | Thinking of You |

I have a few different choices…one that says “Happy Spring”, and two styles that say “Thinking of You”. They’re very versatile, and work for any number of occasions all through the year, but so fun for spring.

All you need to do is click on the files below, download and save to your computer. Print on to white cardstock. (Kraft cardstock would be cute too!) There are two cards per page–just cut the page directly in half and fold over.

Spring Notecards | Vintage Notecards | Thinking of You |


Bicycle: Happy Spring

Bicycle: Thinking of You

Spring Bouquet: Thinking of You

Spring Notecards | Vintage Notecards | Thinking of Spring Notecards | Vintage Notecards | Thinking of You |

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  1. Thank-you very much! For the last few months we have had our girls writing cards to the old people, sick, and others in need in our church and school community. It is been such a special blessing also to our girls. They are learning to think of others more and learning and meeting new people in church. An added bonus…is they have received quite a few cards back from people. I remind them this is not the REAL purpose of why we do this! :) They usually put a picture of themselves in the card, sometimes a gift card..depending on the need, and then decorate the outside with stickers. I have ordered cards from Amazon….but your cards are beautiful. We definitely will be using them! I have a great weakness for flowers and bikes :) Thanks again! One more thing….the chairs from Walmart are they super comfortable? I’m thinking of ordering them for “extra” chairs for around our kitchen table..

    1. I love love love that you’ve been having your girls writing cards! Such a special blessing for sure–to those receiving them, and to your girls as well.

      Which Walmart chairs are you referring to? The distressed cream ones at my kitchen table? Or the gray farmhouse industrial chairs? The answer would actually be the same for both–they aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, but they are metal chairs, so hard. :) They’re just fine for sitting at the table for dinner, playing games, etc…and we’ve never thought of them as specifically uncomfortable. Hope that helps!! xoxo

  2. I know these were posted 2 years ago, but I just wanted to thank you for making them available! We are printing out 72 to send to all the residents in my mother’s assisted living community, who are under coronavirus quarantine and cannot have any visitors. I know these fun cards will help cheer them up!

    1. Oh my goodness, this makes my heart SO happy!! I’m so glad you found these, and that they are going to be used in such a wonderful way. All the best to your mother, and all the residents in her community!!! xoxo

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