Valentine Bow Wreath

I love having a cute wreath on my front door, and changing it out each holiday!  I made a really fun one for Valentine’s Day, and I ♥ it!  It’s SO simple, costs less than $10 to make (less if you have lots of fabric already), and takes under an hour to make–that’s my kind of project.  :)

Isn’t it darling?  You will die when you see how simple it is!  I just took strips of red and pink fabric, and tied them in bows all around the styrofoam wreath.  EASY PEASY.  (lemon squeezy…I can’t ever leave that part out, lol.)

I thought about using all ribbon, but my cheap budget-conscious self just couldn’t justify the cost.  I used some ribbon sprinkled throughout the wreath (3 fabric strips, 1 piece pf ribbon pattern), and it took more than one 18 foot roll just to do that much.  If you can find really cheap dollar ribbon, or you already have a lot of pink and red ribbon that will work, then it’s a definite option. I actually like the fabric better–I love the texture and “fray” look it has to it, and I love the bit of ribbon mixed in.

Here are all the details, if you want to make your own!!!


-styrofoam wreath

-cotton fabric (details and measurements below)

-ribbon (details and measurements below)



1.  I used three different fabric patterns in pink and red:  1/3 yard each (all were 44 or 45 inches in width).  I also used 1 entire 18 foot roll of pink grosgrain (7/8 inch), plus another 3 feet from a separate roll.  If you didn’t want to do any ribbon, then I would use 1 1/3 yards of fabric–either 4 different kinds, each 1/3 yard, or a combination to equal that amount.

2.  Cut the fabric into strips.  I cut my fabric in half width wise. so the strips would be 22 or 22.5 inches long. I then took my scissors and made little cuts along the top of my piece of fabric, about 1/5 inches wide, and then ripped it into strips.  Final measurement:  1.5 x 22!

3.  Start tying!  I tied the fabric strips into bows onto the wreath in the pattern I decided on.  My pattern was 3 fabric, 1 ribbon, and repeat all the way around.  You can do whatever y0u like! If you are using all fabric strips, you may not have as much of rhyme and reason to it, but there is no wrong way to do it—whatever you like is just fine!

That’s it!!!  I used a 1.5 inch polka dot grosgrain ribbon to hang it on the door, and it’s perfect!


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  1. That’s so stinkin’ cute! And so easy … I’m excited! My girls are old enough now they will LOVE doing this — all I’ll have to do is put the supplies on the kitchen table. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is super cute! Love how you mixed up the fabric and the ribbon. It’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  3. I love this! I’m also looking at the candy bracelets on the right. Gotta get going on all this fun decor! Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas!

  4. Love the Valentine wreath, so beautiful! It’s 1 month before V-day and I will definitely work on this. Tomorrow I will head to the bookstore to buy the ribbons I need. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s still plenty of time to enjoy a Valentine’s wreath…I’d love to see it when it’s finished!! XO

  5. I love,love,love this wreath,one prettiest so far going be hard beat it.Keep up good work Hon,,Thank’s Cookie 17

  6. Now I cannot wait to go to the fabric store tomorrow! :) This is sooo adorable. Will be perfect on my glass door. Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration and instructions.

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