“Thumbody” loves you: thumbprint valentines

I love homemade valentines, especially when they’re easy to do and allow for kids to help—and personalizing for the person that will be receiving them. These darling thumbprint valentines are SUPER cute, and are sure to get rave reviews from any recipient!


Thumbprint valentine | oldsaltfarm.com

I originally made these in 2011 (original below), but since having another baby, wanted to update it with another cute fingerprint!  (above)

thumbprint valentines | oldsaltfarm.com

You can use just one thumbprint that’s perfect for friends, neighbors, teachers, and visiting teachers, especially attached to a fun treat–in a bag, box, or wrapped around a bar of chocolate or other candy.

You can always change the wording for school valentines…{thumb} body likes you, or {thumb} body wants to be your valentine–or anything you like!

I made a few special ones for grandparents and family, using all my kids’ thumbprints, and I LOVE them!

 Thumbprint valentine | oldsaltfarm.com


-white cardstock


-black ink pad

-black pen

-scrapbook paper or colored card stock

-double stick tape



1.  Download and print the printable valentine on to white card stock.  (Located at the end of the post.)

2.  Cut it to the size you want and need it to be.  You can keep it large, cut it small–whatever works for you!

3.  Take note of where you want the fingerprints to be in order to have them centered on the paper. Carefully press your child’s finger onto the ink pad, then on to the paper.  Wash those cute hands!  I keep baby wipes close by–they work really well.

4.  Use the black pen to make eyes, arms, and legs on each fingerprint.  I also used black Distress Ink to distress the edges of the paper, but that’s optional.

5.  Mat the valentine onto scrapbook paper or colored card stock, using double stick tape or other paper adhesive that’s intended for paper crafting.



Pink & Gray

All Gray

If you would like the original text image, click HERE to download!


I used my Silhouette to cut out scalloped and regular circles in different sizes, then distressed all the edges. You certainly can do this without one–scallop and circle punches work great, and so does tracing a glass on card stock and cutting it out! You can even opt for a regular card style, or square pieces of paper just using your paper trimmer. Lots of options, depending on what you like! The kids’ card is a 4 inch square piece of scrapbook paper, with a 3 inch square piece of card stock on top. Using double stick tape, I attached the layers to each other, then punched a hole at the top and tied ribbon through it!

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  1. That is so great! I love these! I made some Valentine's that are great for teachers! Check them out here….



  2. Perfect idea for visiting teaching! Thanks for mentioning that because it didn't even cross my mind!!

  3. Thank you so much for the great project! I just completed a few, and put a pic on my new blog!! I put a link to this fabulous tutorial!! Thanks!

    Here is a link to the pic of my try at it:

  4. This is great! As a new blogger, I LOVE your blog…and am learning so much from you! Thank you! :)

  5. Thank you!! I just printed them and am eagerly awaiting the kiddos to wake up from naptime so I can finish these! I don't normally anticipate them waking from naps, but today I am!!

  6. I was looking for something to do with my kids today, typed THUMB PRINT VALENTINES into my search engine, and up you popped! These are great! I've been here before, and I'll definitely be back again!

  7. Done (at 9PM last night!)

  8. Everyone who received our "Thumb" Valentine's LOVED them. Thanks so much for the idea!! I look forward to reading your blog everyday!

  9. I posted about your cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I love following your blog.


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