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It’s the season for teacher appreciation and end-of-year teacher gifts!  At our school they do teacher appreciation for a full week, and I wanted to send in something small everyday, with something bigger on Friday.  I was trying to think of cute ideas that were also inexpensive, and I came up with these fun bookmarks…Keep Calm and Teach On!

teacher bookmarks | oldsaltfarm.com

These are super easy to make, and perfect for any teacher!

teacher bookmarks | oldsaltfarm.com


-printable (see below)

-white cardstock


-distress ink

-hole punch

-paper trimmer


1.  Download printable, and print onto white cardstock.

2.  Use paper trimmer to cut them to size (2×6). I use the polka dots at the bottom as a guide for the sides–makes it easy!

3.  Distress the edges, and punch a hole in the top.  Tie a ribbon through, and you’re done!

teacher bookmarks | oldsaltfarm.com

teacher bookmarks | oldsaltfarm.com



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    1. We are doing really well, thank you! Caroline is the sweetest, most perfect baby ever (not that I’m biased or anything :) ), and we are loving her to bits. I’m doing well–just figuring out the new “normal”, which always takes a little while. Hope you are doing well!!! xoxo

  1. I would love to add colour polka dots to the bookmark and be able to print it! Are you able to share the editable file?

    1. I’m sorry, Connie–I don’t share my editable files. I hope you understand!! xoxo

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