{striped straw birthday candles}

It was my girls’ birthday this weekend, and we had such a blast celebrating!  They wanted a pink cake, which was a pretty easy request considering what they’ve asked for in past years.  I made a simple pink cake, and when it was time for the birthday candles, it just seemed like it needed something more. I was getting out some striped straws for our hot chocolate, when I had an idea…

striped straw birthday candles | oldsaltfarm.com

The hole in the straw looked to be just a tad bigger than the plain birthday candles I had (just the regular white striped ones), and I decided to see if they would fit inside, and they did!  It was a tight fit, but I was able to slide them in just far enough that they were secure. SO CUTE!!!  It made all the difference on the cake, and it was so easy to do.  We lit the candles just like usual, and the straws did have to be thrown away afterward, but it was worth it.  ☺

striped straw birthday candles | oldsaltfarm.com

I can see many more striped straw birthday candles in our future!


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