DIY Striped & Polka Dot 4×4 Wood Pumpkins

Just so you know, I’m totally obsessed with stripes.  And polka dots. I’m giddy over these Striped & Polka Dot  4×4 Wood Pumpkins, and they are fall decor perfection!

4x4 Wood Pumpkins |

 Could you not DIE????


You are going to love how easy they are to make…and I’m going to show you how! These would be really fun to make in a group (Super Saturday), as a gift, or for your own cute house!  I made these for less than $2, since I already had the paint.

Going in on it with someone will drastically reduce your costs, because you can share paint, and the 4×4 post. You can get a lot of the supplies at Michaels–craft paint, twine, hot glue, vinyl, and even circle stickers if you don’t have a Silhouette.  The rest of the stuff I got at Home Depot. Or, make these for others, and they become a really inexpensive and super adorable gift idea! 

4x4 Wood Pumpkins |


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1.  The first step is to paint your wood the base color–the color you want your polka dots to be.  For the stripes, your base color will be the one that you DON’T want the top to be.  Let it dry completely.

2.  Apply your round stickers to the ( I used my Silhouette to cut out 1 inch circles) pieces of wood that you want to be polka dotted.  I didn’t have a pattern that I followed–I just added them the way I liked them!  Apply your painters tape to the piece of wood you want to be striped.  I used Frog Tape, and applied it so that I skipped a space equal to the size of the tape, so that the striped would be even.

4x4 pumpkin |

 3. Once the tape and stickers are on, you can paint the wood the top color–the other color!  For example, if you painted a piece of wood white first, then added the stickers, you would spray it orange.  The wood would end up being orange, with white polka dots.  Let dry completely.

4.  Remove the stickers and tape.  Using a 1 inch spade bit, drill a hole in the top of each piece of wood.  Cut your branch/stick down to the height that you want, then use hot glue or wood glue to secure it inside your drilled hole.  If you use a branch that’s smaller or larger than 1 inch, you will have to use a different size spade bit.  Try to find a branch that’s close to the size of one of your bits, or there will be a noticeable gap.

4x4 pumpkin 4 copy

 5.  Sand the edges of your wood, and VERY lightly on the fronts.  The paint will come off easily, so use a fine grit sandpaper and go very lightly.  It’s so cute, because the color you painted first will come through, giving it a really great texture and dimension.  Wipe of all the excess dust, and tie twine to the largest pumpkin! Ta-da!!! Darling striped & polka dot pumpkins!!!

4x4 Wood Pumpkins |

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! These are the perfect fall decor, because they can stay out for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!

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4x4 Striped & Polka Dot Wood Pumpkins

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    1. I don’t prime my wood on things like this. Make sure that the first coat is totally and completely dry. Also, use a really good spray paint. I prefer Rustoleum, and they actually have a paint and primer in one, that you could try. You just need a light coat for the bast coat–one that covers, but not really thick. Good luck!!!

      1. Thanks–just tried a nicer spray paint and it worked much better than my cheap stuff I use. Thanks for the tip!

  1. I think these will make a great front porch decoration. Should I put a sealant on to protect the paint? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, you could apply a clear sealant if it’s going to be outside and not under a porch. I would use a matte finish, instead of a glossy one! And you are so welcome!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for the great idea! I made this already, turned out so cute. Going to post on m,y website tonight with a your website for the idea and directions. I also love stripes and polka dots

  3. In the picture, the tallest pumpkin looks like it is taller than 10″ especially if the stripes are 2″. Can you please verify heights again?

    1. The tallest one is 10 inches. I said the tape wasn’t quite 2 inches, but I didn’t put the specific measurement. I think I need to go change that! The tape was probably closer to 1.5 inches.

  4. So cute! I am sharing these on my facebook page!

    1. I used old 4×4 posts we had, but you can use a new 4×4 post that can be bought at any home improvement store. I prefer untreated posts, if you can find them, but if you can’t, the treated ones will work too.

  5. I am having a horrible time finding any orange paint that isn’t a gloss… I’m assuming you didn’t use a gloss?

    1. Mine was a gloss (had the same problem, but didn’t want to use craft paint), but I distressed it with my sander, which eliminated the glossy look. Even a light sand will help!!!

  6. My Daughter made these other day,they came out perfect,everyone commented her on facebook how pretty they were she got them off pinterest Thank’s for ideas,,,

  7. I like your pumpkins so much! I think that I will try to make some too!
    Until now I only did some of fabric.

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