Striped love sign

I’m kind of in love with stripes, and I really love them on this Striped Love Sign I made to add to my Valentine’s Day decor.  Although I love it so much, I might leave it up year round!

Striped Love Sign |

SO fun!  I seriously love it.  Best of all, it’s super easy to make and is a pretty quick project!  It would be adorable sitting on a mantel or entry table, or hanging on the wall.  I made mine a pretty good size–2 feet x 2 feet, but you can really make it any size you like. Use the same method and have it say something else–for a bedroom, bathroom, playroom–anywhere!  I love the wood color of the MDF alongside the white–so cute!

Here’s how I did it:


-1/2 inch MDF, cut to 24 x24 inches

-white spray paint

-painters tape

-craft paint

-stencil (I used vinyl)


1.  Cut your MDF to 24×24 inches square–or another size if you prefer.

2.  Create stripes with the painters tape–every 3 inches–alternating one plain, and one taped.  You should have 8 total stripes if using a 24 inch board.

3.  Spray your board white, and let dry completely.

4.  Add your stencil ( I designed mine in Silhouette–all sized to 8 inches tall), and paint them your desired colors.  Let dry completely, then remove the stencils. (FONT = Letter Gothic Standard, heart is from the Silhouette online store)

5.  I like a little distressed look, so  used my power sander to rough up the the edges and the letters–but it’s totally optional.

Striped Love Sign |

And you’re done!  You can set it up on a mantel, or add hardware to the back to hang it on the wall.

Striped Love Sign |

Striped Love Sign |

Striped Love Sign |




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    1. Lisa, I usually use vinyl. The only time I use stencil material is when I think I’m going to re-use the stencil. I also prefer vinyl on some surfaces, so I use it no matter what.

  1. Great Job as usual,this may be crazy ? but how do you get vinyl stick to wood so it doesn’t come off or peel on you Thank’s…

  2. just made 8 of these signs but I made them 12″x12″. I love them! so much fun! I love all the wood projects you do! thanks kierste!

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