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  Happy New Year to you!  It’s Michelle from Chalkboardblue, and I’m excited to share with you a Craft for Kids that can be made to enjoy the month of January.   In fact, why not have a Snowman Building Party In Doors? It’s much warmer inside and the best part is, these Snowmen won’t melt!  Invite a couple friends over and let the fun begin.  To have an organized Snowman Build that will run smoothly, have all of your Snowman essentials ready to go in a Kit for each of the Party participants…a Snowman in-a-jar Snowman Kit!  Don’t have time to host a party?   These kits can be made ahead of time and stored so when an inside day comes with nothing to do, here’s a craft ready to go!!

Snowman Kits ready for each party participant!

Here are the supplies you will need to fill your Snowman jars…

For Each kit… ( I purchased all of my craft supply items at Michaels)

1.   Orange paint.

Extra small 1/8 in. dowel or stick for the nose, & 2.5 in of the same dowel to secure head & body
(1)-  2 in. Styrofoam ball for the belly
 (1)- 1.5 in. Styrofoam ball for the head,
2 twigs for the arms,
 felt square for the scarf,
white glitter,
cupcake wrapper for accent,
 button brads for eyes and belly,
Mini Brads for mouth.
Mason Jar with lid and band.

2. Use glue or modpodge to cover the styrofoam balls and then glitter with White glitter. let dry.

3. The Brads I used for the snowman kits, purchased at Michaels.

4. Break of a small portion of the dowel, roughly 1/2 in. long and paint orange.

To Fill your Snowman Kits…

1. Optional, You can make the faces ahead of time.  This helped our Snowman build to move along faster.

2. Fill the Mason jars with everything they will need to make a Snowman! Styrofoam balls glittered, Face, Scarf, twigs for arms, Brads for the belly, a 2.5 in dowel to attach the head and body together.

3. Place lid on top of Mason jar, take a Cupcake wrapper and place over the top of lid. Place band over the top of wrapper.

4.  Print off a Cute tag that reads Snowman Kit and tie to top of jar.

To Build a Snowman…

Once all of your party participants have arrived and chosen their Snowman Kit…

1.  Empty contents of the Snowman Kit.

2. Assemble head to body of Snowman with the longer dowel.  Can also glue for stronger hold.

3. Flip the Mason lid and band upside down and Glue Snowman to underside of Lid.  I removed the Cupcake liner  to take a picture, but the cupcake liner can be kept in between the lid and the band for accent.

4. finish up belly buttons and glue scarf.  More accents such as hats, ear muffs can be placed on the snowmen too.  We liked ours without.

Snowman Build complete!  These little guys are so fun to have out around the house!  We added some fake snow at the base of our Snowmen for accent.

Now your party participants have a party favor to take home that they constructed themselves!


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Thanks for reading.  Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2014!


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    1. I will pass your question on to Michelle from chalkboard blue–she wrote that guest post for me!!

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