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I number everything.  It’s true.  I do number things just to make them cute, but I also use numbers quite a bit for organizational purposes.  With six kids, numbers really come in handy, although I do feel a little like Captain Von Trapp. ☺ Each of my children have a number, and they have their own kitchen stool, coat hook, and more.  We have a front entry bench with baskets underneath it, where each child has their own basket for shoes. We used to have the whole family’s shoes there, and the kids shared baskets, but they were quickly running out of room.  Now it’s one child per basket, and it was time for numbered labels!

DIY Numbered Labels | oldsaltfarm.com

These are highly used shoe baskets, and I needed durable, heavy-duty labels that would stand up to high traffic, and little hands that aren’t super gentle.  There are so many cute ways to number or label a basket, but most of those wouldn’t stand up to cute little three year olds very well. ☺

These are very simple labels that are super easy to make on your own printer!  Instead of laminating them at home, I used name badge holders. They are a much thicker plastic, and have a built in hole at the top that’s much more durable than punching a hole in lamination.

There’s nothing like a label to make you feel organized, and this is an incredibly fast and easy way to add labels with numbers, names, or whatever you like!  No fancy equipment needed–just paper, your printer, and name badges!

DIY numbered labels | oldsaltfarm.com

I know what you’re thinking…this bench would be even cuter with some fun pillows, right?  Well, they’re taking a break.  ☺  Remember those darling 3 year old boys I was telling you about?  Yeah.


-name badge holders

-white cardstock



labels collage

1.  Create a Word file with desired numbers or text, and print onto white cardstock.  Cut to fit inside name badges, then distress edges with Distress Ink.  Slip inside name badge holders.

2.  Thread a piece of jute (or ribbon/bakers twine/fabric strips) through the hole at the top, and onto the basket.

Easy peasy!

labels three alone copy

labels 3 4 5 copy


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    1. Okay, so you might be right. :) But it also doesn’t get cold enough here to wear a coat! Lol. xo

  1. Love these! I just spent way too much time working on playroom tags that the baby (9 months old #8) ripped right off! I think I’ll have to try this, maybe then they’ll last longer! I would love to do this with shoes, but I don’t think all the individual baskets would fit under my bench. ;)

    1. Give them a try, and let me know what happens!! :) #8! Busy households are so fun, aren’t they!!

      1. These worked fabulously. The are the only labels they haven’t been able to rip off! I attached them with book rings and they have stayed on for months now. Thanks for the great tip! :)

  2. I was wondering where you got your “God Bless Our Home” sign and where your bench is from too? Thank you!

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