{reason #558 to ♥ command hooks}

 Command hooks are seriously one of the best inventions! One of my most favorite ways to use them is as door hangers, for doors where nails and over the top hangers are not an option.  This has saved me so many times!!!

Bedrooms and pantries are two of the places I use them the most, but it will work anywhere a command hook will work!  Do you have the windows that open “out”, so you can clean them?  If so, you can also use these hooks on the inside of your windows to hang wreaths on the outside of your window!

I had a chalkboard I wanted to hang on the front of my pantry, and this method worked perfectly. This is what I did:

1.  Tied ribbon onto the brackets on the back of the chalkboard, leaving a long loop to hang over the door.  Measure the ribbon out first–so you know how much you need.  Decide how far down you want the hook on the back (and make a mark with a pencil), how far down in the front you want to hang your item, and add in enough to tie them on.

2.  Apply command hooks according to package directions, UPSIDE DOWN on the back of your door.

3.  Once the command hooks are ready to go, loop the ribbon over the back of the door, and under the hooks!

That’s it!  SO handy!


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