{polka dot glass pumpkin} featuring martha stewart glass paint

I was asked to review the new Martha Stewart glass paint, and I was so excited to try it!

I’ve had this pumpkin glass jar in my cupboards for years, and I decided this was the perfect time to give it a little facelift.  I love the end result, and the fact that with a little paint, a total transformation took place!

When my box arrived, it was a happy day.  :)  Just look at what was inside…
One of my most favorite Martha Stewart paint products is the spray paint kit.  You all know I’m a spray paint girl, because it’s fast and easy.  Being able to use craft paint in spray paint form makes me happy, and opens up a lot of possibilities for color and texture.  It was an easy pick for this project! 
In addition to the spray kit, these are the items I used:
-spray kit (including the medium you add to the paint)
 -large pouncer
-paint (Summer Linen and Monarch Orange)
1. I laid out newspaper on my back porch, along with a few blocks to hold the paper down and set my pumpkin on–so it wouldn’t stick to the paper. Never lay your painted object directly on the ground/tarp/paper–have something for it to sit on, or it will ruin the paint or stick. 
2. I prepped the spray paint kit, which meant mixing a 1:1 ratio of the medium (included in the kit) and your desired paint choice in the plastic bottle, then attaching the can to the top. The directions are clear and easy to follow, which I appreciated! The paint appropriate for spraying that was included in my box was all translucent–if I was choosing the paint on my own I would have chosen an opaque paint for this particular project. I like translucent paint too, it just depends on what I’m doing.  Martha offers glass paint colors in both–a total of 120 colors!  Talk about options, lol.   
3.  The spray can definitely has a learning curve.  I’m used to a regular spray paint can, which allows you to tip the can–sometimes almost upside down–and still work. This can has much less flexibility–you can’t tip it much, or the paint won’t come out. However, once I got the hang of it, I was able to cover my pumpkin and the lid.  It just took a  few tries, and a different way of holding the pumpkin to ensure coverage. Yes, it it does lose some flexibility in the way it sprays, but if it means being able to use so many different craft paint colors, it’s still worth it to me.  
4. Once the paint was dry (about an hour or so),  I used the large pouncer and the monarch orange paint to create polka dots on both the jar and the lid. The pouncer is super easy to use, but I do suggest taking a few tries before you use it on your project, since the dots will look different depending on the amount of pressure  and paint you use.  It’s also very fun to use–just ask my kids!  (It’s also the reason I have no pictures of the polka dot process, lol.) 
5.  After the dots were dry, it was ready for curing.  Once it’s cured, it can go in the top rack of the dishwasher!  You can either cure it by air for 21 days, or in the oven if you want it done faster, and it’s ready to go!
6.  I tied some fabric around the stem, and voila–a darling glass pumpkin jar, ready for yummy Halloween cookies or candy!

Overall, I thought this was a fairly simply process, and that the products had easy-to-follow directions.  Like I mentioned earlier, there was a learning curve, but nothing that I wouldn’t expect from using any new product.   I loved not having to use a primer first, which saves an extra step, and the fact that I have more color options with the spray paint kit makes me very happy!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, and received product to review, however, all opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.  Please see my full disclosure HERE.  

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