Christmas Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

Darling Peppermint Striped Christmas Candlesticks that are super easy to make, and perfect for your Christmas decor!

I really love the striped and polka dot pumpkins I made this fall, and I thought the stripes would be perfect for the peppermint theme, and to add to my Christmas decor. 

I made a set of three–a stripe, a plain white, and a plain red, then made them into candlesticks, by drilling a space for tea lights.  They’re so quick and easy to make. They were done in an afternoon, and that includes drying time!

Peppermint Striped Christmas Candlesticks

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I used the same technique to make the stripes as I did with the pumpkins!

For the plain pumpkins, I like having the colors layered, so I painted the white post red first, then white, so when I sanded and distressed it, it would be white with red peeking through. The opposite would be for the red post.  I also painted the entire striped post red first, then added the tape for the stripes and painted white on top.  After the paint was dry, I used a sander to distress each piece.

I used a 1 1/2 inch spade bit (you can get them for as low as $6 as Home Depot) on my drill to create the opening for the tea lights. Sometimes a spade bit can be a bit tricky at that size–I used it because I had it–but a Forstner bit’s blade is designed a bit differently.

I have these on my kitchen table and LOVE them!  They would be darling for party centerpieces, and can be used indoors safely if you use battery operated tea lights.  They would also look cute on a mantel, entry table, window ledge, and probably anyplace.  ☺ I’m crazy about stripes, admittedly!!

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  1. Hi Kierste,these are really the BomB!! so cute I love your work all ways amazing….Thank Merry Christmas….

  2. These are really cute. What kind of spray paint did you use and how did you distress them? Could you use acrylic paint? Can you do the distressing with sand paper or do you need a power sander? Did you put some kind of finish on them after all was done?

    1. Thank you! I used Krylon’s Cherry Red spray paint, and Rustoleum’s white spray paint. I used a power sander to distress them, which is infinitely easier and faster, but you could definitely use sandpaper. I would use a medium grit. I didn’t use any kind of finish, because they don’t get any wear or tear. Good luck!!! xo

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