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Hello everyone!  How I’ve missed you!  I’ve spent the last three weeks snuggling this darling baby girl…


Isn’t she scrumptious? I seriously cannot stop kissing those chubby cheeks!

I’m slowly adjusting a new “normal”, and life as mom of six kids.  SIX.  Yikes.  Doesn’t that sound like a lot, lol?  My parents left last week, and my husband is back to work this week, so I’m on my own!  It’s actually going pretty well, and I have A LOT of helpers at home to hold the baby and run to get things when I need them.

My project list is literally a mile long, and I’ve kind of gone crazy over the last week.  I really haven’t been able to do much to our house since moving in 9 months ago, thanks to yucky morning sickness and being huge.  :)  Now we’re getting ready to demolish the tile in our fireplace (yay!!!) and start on about five pieces of furniture.  I need another six hours in the day. Please???

Okay…on to today’s post!

We bought this house just a month before we found we were expecting another baby, and had we known, we would have added just one more bedroom to the requirement list.   With all the bedrooms full, we needed to come up with a short term plan for the baby, until we could figure out a long term plan.  Fortunately we have a small sitting room off of our master bedroom, and after measuring it out, thought I could make it work.  Here’s how I did it…our nursery in a small space!

nursery in a small space | oldsaltfarm.com

I knew I had just enough room for the basics, so I worked to maximize my space.

My husband made the armoire when our twin girls were born, and we’ve since used it for all of our babies.  It has LOTS of room, and  the drawers are spacious. It’s a closet, dresser, and storage area, all-in-one.  It’s a great option when you don’t have a closet, or need to fit a lot in a small space. The bottom drawers hold clothes for future seasons–I always buy a season ahead–and other extras.

nursery armoire | oldsaltfarm.com

Here is what the inside looks like:

nursery armoire | oldsaltfarm.com

The inside drawers hold clothes, pajamas, onesies, burp rags, and socks.  I used small inexpensive baskets from Target to hold all of her bows, flowers, and jewelry.  Blankets and extra bedding are on the other shelves.  There used to be a large shelf above the shoes, but I took it out and added a tension rod so I could hang up dresses.

nursery armoire | oldsaltfarm.com

I needed a nightstand that could also act as storage, so I bought two plain crates from Michael’s ($12, but use a coupon!), painted them white, and stacked them on top of each other.  I added baskets and filled them with necessities…diapers, wipes, lotion, hand sanitizer, kleenex, baby wash, and more.  I was able to fit a ton in that small space!

nursery nightstand | oldsaltfarm.com

Babies go through clothes so quickly, and hamper is a must!  I tucked a lined basket on the far side of the armoire, and it’s perfect!

nursery laundry basket | oldsaltfarm.com

I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t like anything “out”.  I love that I can tuck her car seat and diaper bag on the far side of the crib–out of sight, but right where it’s accessible!

nursery organization | oldsaltfarm.com

The crib has a long crib skirt on it, which makes it perfect to hide large boxes of diapers and wipes underneath it.

nursery  | oldsaltfarm.com

There wasn’t a lot of room for many decorations, because as you an see, it’s mostly windows.  I love it though–it’s a sunny and happy place to be! (Except the last couple days that have been rainy and overcast–of course when I want to take pictures, lol!) I’m a simply girl though, and tend to be a minimalist, so this really fits my style!

I’ve never been a changing table girl, so I didn’t add one.  There is one more space on the other side of the crib I could have put it, but I’m debating about an overstuffed chair and ottoman.  We’ll see…

I {love} it!  It’s exactly what we needed, and it’s true…you can do a lot with a small space!


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  1. So precious! Congrats on your new addition.

    You really need to come to my house and decorate!

      1. Hi Kierste
        Do you know what size that room is? My husband and I are kinda in the same situation I’m due in May and the only space i have is going to be a 6×11 bedroom with one window and a good size closet. I’m stressing over the size of the room.

        Ps: that room looks so pretty.

        Thank you

        1. It’s smaller than that–it’s approximately 8×8. Don’t worry–you can totally make it work! Especially because you have a closet too—that will open up the space even more. I didn’t have a closet–just that small space, so you’re ahead of me. :) Let me know if you have any questions!!

  2. Oh my! She’s adorable! I’m in awe – 6 children. I come from a family of 6 and always wondered how my mom did it, I really admire you! Her nursery is so cute. I love all your touches – it’s just perfect.

  3. She’s beautiful. I’ve missed you but you certainly had an adorable distraction. I love your nursery. I can almost smell that sweet baby smell!

    1. Mmmmmmmm…the new baby smell is one of my favorite things ever! Wish I could send some to you! :)

  4. She is DARLING!! I didn’t know you had 5 already! How FUN!!!
    You totally inspire me! I REALLY need to shred my life/house of the extras/crap/junk that builds up. I desperately want to be completely organized and feel put together! If you can do it with 6 kids, then my two kids plus one in the oven gives me NO excuse!! It has been something we are working on…I really love a clean and organized home…we just had a massive yard sale. On to organizing. Lord help me!
    Anyway…beautiful baby and ‘nursery’! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Cristin!! Having a yard sale is a fabulous place to start–getting rid of your junk and making money while you’re doing it is a great way to do it!! You can totally get organized–and it sounds like you’re well on your way. xoxo

  5. Ohhhhh my godness is she ever scrumptious! Please give a snuggle from me too…wish I could get my lovin on her ;0 (my youngest is 5 :( Love the beautiful little space you set up for your littlest princess. Congratulations Kierste and family xo


  6. Congratulations!! A new baby make the world such a great place, doesn’t it? Those quiet moments in the middle of the night feel so reverent and amazing! Glad you are both well!

  7. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful and I can only imagine not wanting to ever put her down. I have no clue how you do it with 6 ~ amazing! The small space nursery looks perfect to me….great job.

  8. I know I’m a little late to the game (wow she’s already 2!) but this nursery is just too cute for words. I too have a pink/white themed nursery (perfect for a little girl). I just love how light & airy it is. So pretty.
    >> Sam

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