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Our family adventure continues!!!

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Yep–the sign is up, and this is happening!!  We are headed to New York!

My husband took a new position at a company in upstate New York, and our family is getting ready to embark on a whole new adventure.  We are all thrilled beyond words, and can’t wait to get there!

If you had asked me when we first got married where our life would take us, I never would have imagined the places we would live.  Our moves have taken us from the West, to the Midwest, to the South and now to the East, and I’m so grateful for the experiences and friends I’ve gathered in each place. We are going from one extreme to the other–living near the Gulf of Mexico and HOT HOT weather, to near the Canadian border and 90 inches of snow a year.  And yes, we’re happy about that.  ☺ My kids cheered when we told them they were headed back to snow country, and I just absolutely can’t wait to enjoy all the seasons, most especially the incredibly beautiful fall.  It really fits our family’s personality, and what we like to do together, and all of us are ready to go. Now we’re starting over once again—new home, new job, new town, new schools, new friendships.  I’m also worried about the important stuff, like finding a new hair stylist. ☺  There is so much we have to look forward to, and we hope to make this our home for a very long time.

Moving is HARD.  It’s hard to leave what you love and know, and hard to start over again.   When we left Utah for Michigan and grad school, it was so difficult to leave the only home I could remember, along with all of our family and friends.  I didn’t think I would ever love a place anymore than I already had.  But Michigan captured my heart, and we ended up being there for twelve years.  It nearly broke my heart to have to leave not quite two years ago, when we moved to Texas, and I cried my eyes out more times than I’m comfortable admitting. But  Texas brought new challenges and experiences that have strengthened not only me, but our entire family, and even though they haven’t been the easiest years, I am grateful for them.  There are definitely things we will miss here–friends that have made a difference in our lives, wearing flip flops year round (although I did that in the snow too, lol), the fabulous and plentiful Mexican food, and learning more about another part of the country. Hard things inevitably do strengthen us, and I know that the culmination of all the things I’ve experienced have created the person that I am today, and I wouldn’t change that.

 So…we’re moving on.  Hopefully the house will sell quickly, so cross your fingers for us. We have plans to build our next home, and I’m sure you will hear all about our temporary apartment adventures, along with the building process, which I also can’t wait for! Since we will be living in a small apartment, there is no room for any of our tools until the house is built, and I’m kind of having a small panic attack about that. I’m madly trying thing think of anything I can cut and make in the next few weeks before I won’t have them any more!

Life has an interesting way of taking us places we never imagined or even would have chosen, but where we’re supposed to be.  Here’s to our next family adventure!!!

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  1. What a fun, new adventure! I wish you the best. Since you’re now a moving pro, I was hoping you could offer some advice. My family moved into a new area, and we (especially my elementary school aged children) are having a very hard time making the transition. What have you done to help your kids settle in and make new friends?

    1. Oh, I know how hard it can be to help kids make that transition! A couple of things that we’ve done that have made a difference are:

      -Make a “bucket” list of all the things in your new area that you would like to see and do. Museums, parks, sporting events, concerts, hiking or outdoor activities, the zoo, camping, waterparks, sightseeing attractions–whatever your family likes to do together. Plan out when you’re going to go, and it will give them something to look forward to. Invite new friends to meet you there or join you along the way–it’s a great way to get to know people better. We had a goal when we moved here to try a different park every month or so, and the kids loved it!

      -Invite kids over from your neighborhood, church, or school classes. Playdates are nothing new, but having them play one-on-one has helped my kids to really get to know other kids.

      -Invite families over that have kids your kids’ ages–or close. Getting together for a BBQ and games as a family can help break the ice for everyone–moms and dads too.

      -Sign them up for summer classes or camps. I let my kids sign up for one class each summer, and it’s a great opportunity for them to meet kids with similar interests. It was the same during the school year with sports and other activities–just one more way to get them with other kids they might hit it off with!

      -Reach out to other new kids and families; they’re probably feeling the same way, and ready for new friends too!!

      GOOD LUCK!! My heart is with you guys, and I really hope that they will start to feel settled and make some new friends soon. xoxo

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