New Boys Bedding In the Bunk Room

New boys bedding in the bunk room…adorable and comfy white and gray striped comforter set that won’t break the bank!

It’s been a couple years now since we finished building bunk beds in our boys’ room. Originally I put in comfy down comforters with duvet covers, and they worked well for awhile. But they got a lot of heavy use, and needed to be replaced. I found the comfiest comforter set. The boys are so excited, and so am I, because they’re adorable and very reasonably priced.

Boys Bedding Striped

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Boys bedding sets we love! Comfy + budget conscious

You’ll have to excuse the wrinkles–I put it on to see how it would fit as soon as we got it out of the package, and before I washed it. That’s when I took the photos! But before it’s used, I recommend washing and drying it first.

It came with two shams with both the queen and twin sets, even though I was only expecting one with the twin. With gray and white stripes that have a modern + farmhouse feel, they’re perfect in this bedroom.

This is how my boys describe how they feel…

When I’m hot, it keeps me cool. When I’m cold, it keeps me warm. It’s magic!

I purchased them after reading all of the reviews, and seeing that they were very highly rated. And at around $60 for the whole set, it was a bargain! If you’re sticking to a budget and trying to keep costs down but also having something super cute, this is one to consider!

Boys Bedding Gray and White Stripes

How often should you replace bedding?

It’s recommended that you replace bedding every 18-24 months. I find that it really is necessary in my boys’ room! One of them suffers from bloody noses, and it’s although some of the stains come out, there are others that are just too stubborn. My boys also love to use their comforters not just on their beds, and I’ll find them using them watching a movie or hanging out on the couch. Lots of use means we go through them a bit faster.

Finding bedding on a budget that’s comfy and also fits the space is always a win-win!

Boys Bedding Gray and White Stripes

Bedding Details

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