My favorite way to keep kids safe in the water: Puddle Jumpers!

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All of my children enjoy being in the water, but one in particular would actually live in it if he could, and has absolutely loved it since he was tiny.  At that young age, he also had no fear (still doesn’t), and none of the ramifications that came with it (including nearly giving me a heart attack on more than occasion).  From early on, I knew I needed to find a flotation device that would not only keep him safe, but allow him to enjoy the water he loved so much.

I remember the first time I saw a Stearns Puddle Jumper.  We were at the pool, and I saw a child wearing one. I thought it could be the answer, and I practically chased the poor mom down to interrogate her about what it was, what it did, and where I could get it.  I went straight home to buy it, and they’ve been a part of our summers ever since.

They have been an absolute lifesaver for me, and have helped me to tackle the pool scene with my kids by myself.  Two years ago when my youngest baby was born, it was right before summer, and I had five kids that were aged six and under.  We lived in Texas near the Gulf, and it was HOT.  Really hot.  The pool was our only relief, and so I got brave, packed them all up just about every single day (sometimes twice in a day!) in an effort to get cool.  It worked because I had the Puddle Jumpers on the two that weren’t confident swimmers yet, and I held the baby while watching all of them swim.  This year I again have two in Puddle Jumpers, and we are looking forward to another summer of staying safe and having fun.

What do I love most about Puddle Jumpers?

-First and foremost?  Peace of mind.

-They are Coast Guard approved, which means the best safety for my kids.

-The design allows for kids to play in the water comfortably, without it riding up around their neck.

-I love the adjustable straps too–the weight range is from 30-50 pounds, every child is built a little differently.  The straps are easy to adjust, and you can get just the right fit for your child.

-They’re cute!!  They have so many adorable designs, and my kids like to pick out their favorite one.

Get ready…get set…


One more time…please???

I love that he can jump off the side of the pool into the water, and pop right up again.  He can swim around where he wants to, and the Puddle Jumper makes not only me feel secure, but him too.

And this one?  He likes to lounge and watch what’s going on. :)

Puddle Jumpers are at the very top of my summer must-haves list!!!

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  1. These are the best! I have one for each ( all four of them) of the five and under set at our house. I couldn’t survive a trip to the pool without them!

  2. Our granddaughter is not allowed in the back yard without her puddle jumper on, in all weather, because the pool fence has not been completed yet and we will not take chances. She is 3 1/2, and has had swimming lessons since she was a baby. This past weekend, we were out with her, blowing bubbles, and my husband had the pool vacuum in, cleaning the pool so that we will be ready in late May to start using it. When we came in she shocked us by simply pushing the puddle jumper (Coast Guard approved one) off of her arms and stepping out of it. I am going to be sewing some straps on that she can NOT get out of, this was upsetting. I will also be asking the companies that make these to make some similar adjustments.

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