{my current view from the top}

Yep.  This is my current view!  I’m 31 weeks and counting…hooray!  

I have THE longest list to get done before this baby comes, it’s ridiculous.  We’ve just spent almost a month trying to get everyone well, and we’re finally here…knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc., etc., so now I can hopefully move on and start tackling the list.  Since this baby was a surprise, and we had gotten rid of pretty much everything, the list is even longer than usual. It’s kind of making this list and planning girl NUTS!  I also feel like when I had my other kids, the list was shorter at this point.  Or, maybe it’s just the loss of brain cells that always seem to disappear when I’m pregnant that’s making me think that way. Or, perhaps it’s because I’m busier with more kids, I have a hubby in the middle of busy season (he’s a CPA for one of the Big 4), and…I’m just not making up my mind very quickly these days.  I swear, I have been looking at bedding for the last 3 months, and I’ve been so wishy-washy about it, which I never am. Regardless,  I need to get it together, NOW!!!

What’s left on my to-do list?

-buy a carseat and stroller (although I do know what I want!)

-buy crib bedding ( I think I have this one finally figured out, too)

-finish the boys’ bunk beds so they can finally vacate the cribs…and I can have one for the baby!

-wash the few baby girl items I still have…get those yucky formula stains out!

-buy onesies, layette gowns, socks, diapers, blankets…you know, the basics  :)

-decide on a diaper bag

-get a “coming home” outfit

-register at the hospital, and take a tour (new hospital this time around!)

-pack my bag!

-make cute little things to pass out after she’s born (will share that in a few weeks!)

-find a newborn swing on craigslist?

-deep clean all rooms, clean outside windows, get playset done outside, and a few other house projects

-make freezer meals

-finish my current list of craft projects


So, it’s time for the spreadsheet, lol.  All of this is going in tonight, with times, dates, and deadlines assigned…this girl is getting serious about being ready for this baby girl to come!

At least we have a name.

I think.  :)


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  1. That’s a very ambitious list! My baby girl is 11 days old today, and I GUARANTEE I was not doing NEARLY that much stuff by the time I was 31 weeks… I could hardly get from one room in the house to the next! I applaud you for being able to get so much done so far along in your pregnancy!

  2. Such cute toes and sandals! If I wore those today my toes would freeze in 2 seconds :) I dont have any babies (yet!) but I have had several friends who have had their little ones make early appearances…maybe “pack a bag” should be at the top of the list just in case :) Good luck with everything!

    1. January is the time when I’m glad I live in Texas. :) Temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s are making this pregnant girl very happy! And you’re right…I do think they bag needs to be done very soon!! XO

  3. Kierste – Congratulations! I’m so grateful I found your site from a friend of mine – I absolutely LOVE your ideas and it is nice to see what you are up to since college! Good luck with getting everything done for baby – I would volunteer to help, but don’t think I’ll be much help here in Utah!

    1. Teri!!! Hello! I’m so glad you found me too! You’ll have to e-mail me–I’d love to catch up even more. simplykierste@yahoo.com

  4. I’m really tired after reading your list and I’m not even pregnant! But I wish you a very relaxed last couple of weeks.

  5. We’re so excited for you! We would just say … simplify, simplify, simplify. Pack your bag, have clean clothing, and get a car seat. If you can do more, great. Otherwise, let it go. Make time to enjoy this last stage (it’s such a blessing). Spend some extra time with your other children. Write a letter to your unborn child. Maybe make something new for her. Babies will sleep anywhere. Families can eat other prepared food. Announcements and things are fun, but not a necessity. We care about you and the health of your baby first and foremost. :)

    1. Thank you, Michelle–I appreciate your advice! I agree–it’s about finding a balance, and that’s always something I’m working on. :) XO

  6. You are a fellow pregnant Mama after my own heart! My husband has accused me of over planning this baby (#3), but I am determined to not wait till the last minute. I am 21 weeks and just started my binder of freeze ahead meal plans which I will make closer to my due date and last week picked up a swing at the second hand baby store. Best of luck with all the rest of your planning and preparations!

    1. You are so smart to start now! The second trimester is the best one–if you were sick, you’re most likely feeling better, and you’re not huge yet. Get as much done as you can now!!! Congrats on your sweet baby!!! ♥

  7. Congratulations on #6! I’ll bet you were relieved that it wasn’t #6 and #7. Blessings to you as you wait for this special delivery. So happy for all of you! :-) a Michigan follower

    1. Thank you so much, Patt! Yes, I was indeed relieved it wasn’t #6 and #7. It was the first thing I checked for! :)

  8. Yay! Now you will have a twin sandwich! And level the gender playing field! I can’t wait to hear her name…

    1. Twin sandwich, I love it!! Yes…we will now be even, and the girls are very excited about that. :)

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