One of my new favorite things…Mialisia Jewelry

This post is sponsored by Kelli McCarthy, Independent Designer for Mialisia Jewelry. All opinions are 100% mine.


I love wearing jewelry, but truthfully, I usually wear less expensive costume jewelry. First of all, I like having lots of options, and less money means more to choose from.  Secondly, I have kids who to love to yank, pull, and twist my jewelry, and with my luck, I would no sooner splurge on something then turn around and have it ruined after wearing it once.  Lastly, it comes down to that darn budget! ☺ But then…I was recently introduced to a new line of jewelry called Mialisia. A friend of mine is an independent designer for them, and she brought over TONS of jewelry for me to look at, and try on. It was kind of like heaven, and I was hooked.

mialisia jewelry |

Their concept is offering pieces that can be transformed to give you several different options. Take a look at this example of everything just two pieces can do…

Misalisia Jewelry | oldsaltfarm.comMisalisia Jewelry | oldsaltfarm.comMisalisia Jewelry | oldsaltfarm.comMialisia Jewelry |

Isn’t that awesome? Whatever you’re neckline, it works! If you need a bracelet or a belt, you’ve got it.  I LOVE the versatility and different looks you can get. I took a friend out for a little photo shoot for my own real life example…she is so darling, and it really shows what these pieces add to an outfit.

This first collage shows just one necklace–worn short, long, and as a bracelet. It’s one of my favorites!

Mialisia Jewelry |

I love this one too!  It’s a short necklace that can be worn short, or long when attached to another piece, like you can see in the first two pictures. The middle picture shows you how everything hooks together–those little silver hooks attach to all other pieces, and to itself.  When you want to wear it as a bracelet, just wrap it around and hook it onto one of the links. It’s super easy, plus the hook just blends in.

Mialisia Jewelry |

A few more of favorites…

Mialisia Jewelry |

Mialisia Jewelry |

And then the clincher…all of their jewelry is guaranteed…FOR LIFE.  Yep, folks, it’s true.  If your sweet baby (or four year old) yanks the clasp right off your necklace while they’re innocently sitting in your lap at church, no worries! Of course daily use isn’t covered, but if something crazy happens, you don’t have to worry that that money is just gone. Isn’t that awesome?  I’ve fallen in love with so many of their pieces, now I just have to decide where to start!

If you want to take a look at all of their jewelry, you can head over to Kelli’s site. The new spring line is in, with even more fun pieces!  Are you on the hunt for a great Mother’s Day gift? For your mom…and for you? ☺

If you have any questions about the jewelry, the guarantee, or anything else, you can contact Kelli at

Now…I’m off to shop.  ☺

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  1. lovely stuff but this is a sponsored post. saying all your opinions are 100% your own is annoying and a bit silly. you wouldn’t be posting this if you weren’t being paid to do so, so frankly we cannot take your word for it. that said, the jewelry looks great.

    1. Giada, I DO love this jewelry, and I loved it well before I posted about it. I’m sorry it annoys you or seems silly, but it is important (and the law) to state that in the beginning so you know that everything I write is my own opinion. If you take my word for it or not is up to you, but whether I’m paid or not paid, I say what I think, whatever that is. I only participate in sponsored posts of products that I use, love, or want to try for myself and tell my readers about. That said…the jewelry is great…in my opinion. :)

  2. I love this jewelry!! I love the versatility of the jewelry. I loved Tori Spelling’s line where you make your own because you can mix and match to make different pieces. I know what is going on my Mother’s Day wish list :)

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