Matching Family Christmas Pajamas on a Budget

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas is such a fun holiday tradition, and a favorite in our home!  Open them the night you decorate the tree, on Christmas Eve, or anytime during the holiday season.  

Affordable Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Having matching family Christmas pajamas is one of our family’s favorite annual Christmas traditions. For a long time we opened them on Christmas Eve, but several years ago I switched things around.  Now we open them on the night we decorate the tree, which is typically the day after Thanksgiving.  I LOVE doing it this way, because then we get to enjoy the pajamas for the entire holiday season. My kids love it too, and it makes our tree trimming day extra special.  Decorating the tree, making sugar cookies, Christmas pajamas…you can’t beat it! But no matter when you open them, it’s a tradition to treasure, year after year. Plus…it makes super cute photos!

I usually start looking for pajamas the end of September/first of October, but you can find them into December well. The earlier you start, the more options you’ll have, but if you don’t get an early start, don’t worry!  One great place to look is Amazon, because they’ll often have a pretty good selection for awhile longer than other places.

Christmas pajamas can really vary in price, but I’ve tried to choose ones with a budget-friendly price point.

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Red & Cream Stripes

I am IN LOVE with these pajamas.  In fact, I bought them for our family for Christmas this year!!  Love the style, the colors, and of course, the wide stripes.

Big Kids





Warm & Cozy

Buffalo Check

Winter is Coming


Red Stripes

(More sizes for kids HERE)

Christmas Trees/Plaid Bottoms

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Plaid Flannel


Green Stripes

Plaid Santa

White Holiday


Organic Plaid

Merry Christmas!!

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