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 We go to the library…a lot.  In the summer we go even more often, usually once a week, so we always have a stack of library books that we’ve checked out. I like having a specific place to put them, so they don’t get lost, or mixed up with our own books. I made this darling Library Books Crate, and I LOVE it.  It was so easy to make, and the perfect place for all the library books that come into our home.

library books crate |

I knew I wanted to use a crate–I made bookshelves out of them for our own children’s books, and I love them.  Crates are sturdy, a great size for books, inexpensive, and SO cute!

library books crate |

This was such an easy project, and I adore the stripes.  It turns an ordinary crate into something fabulous!

library books crate |

A cute tag lends just the right final touch.

library books crate |

I’m just so happy when I have a place for everything!  Here’s how I did it:


(affiliate links included below for your convenience)

wooden crate ( I got mine at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon–around $7)

-spray paint, two colors of your choice OR 1 spray paint and 1 craft paint (for the coordinating color)

-foam brush

-painters tape

-sandpaper/power sander

-distress ink

-white cardstock


-free printable (see below)

laminator or self-lamination sheets or Staples/Office Max ☺


1.  Tape off two of the wood slats, both on the front and the back.

2.  Spray paint the crate your main color choice, inside and outside, and let dry completely.

3.  Remove the painters tape.  Using a foam brush, apply your second color on to the wood slats.  I used spray paint, so I just sprayed some on to a paper plate (don’t use foam…it will eat it), and dipped my foam brush into it.  Let dry completely.

4.  Use your power sander or sandpaper (I used 100 grit) to distress your paint as much as you like.  Wipe off excess dust with a damp cloth.

5.  Use Distress Ink (made for paper, but works great on wood too!) to distress the edges of the wood. You can also use stain or glaze if you would rather!

6.  Print the printable onto white cardstock.  Trim to size, then laminate. I used my laminator, but you can also buy self-lamination sheets (no heat) at an office supply store that work well. Or…just have them laminate it for you!!!  Punch a hole in one end, and use jute to tie it onto the crate.

That’s it’!! Now you’ve got your own library books crate!!

library books crate |

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  1. I don’t do facebook. Could you please email me the printable for your library crate? Thanks. I love this idea! And your blue would be perfect for my family room— nothing inspires like the exact idea I need!

  2. Love this idea – I am a frequent library visitor too and books are always getting scattered all over the house. So cute.

  3. I love this idea, Kierste! My kids lose library books like crazy, I’m thinking this would help. :)

  4. I love crates, what a fun idea! I need to do this for my recycling that we just pile by the back door!

  5. This is the third post around the blogosphere I’ve seen using a wooden crate from Michael’s. My store has only wicker baskets. :( I’ll have to check Hobby Lobby I guess because I SO want to do this!

    1. You can also get them Joann Fabrics…I’ve seen them in their larger stores. Good luck!!

  6. What a fun idea and a great way to encourage clean up. I would love to link to this if you didn’t mind!

  7. I literally just finished paying a past-due bill to the library because I got one of the library books mixed up with our home collection and completely forgot to return it–so this idea is genius and i need to make one pronto! Thanks for this amazing idea!

    xoxo, ashley

    1. I’ve so been there, Ashley! I hate paying fines, lol. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting–I appreciate it!! xo

  8. Kierste this is adorable!! And the perfect idea. My family loves going to the library but we’ve lost WAY more than our fair share of books. This is the perfect solution. And so dang cute. Love it!

  9. Great idea. Have you shared the bookcase as a post, if not will you? Please please please. Thanks ;)

    1. I haven’t yet, but I do plan to–once I get the room a little more finished. I promise! :)

  10. I can’t wait to make this. I have been looking for another basket/storage item for our library books, the one we have is just too small now. This is perfect. Thank you!

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