Kitchen Stools Makeover with Glidden…AFTER!

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I am in love.

Kitchen Stools Makeover with Glidden |

 I’m so happy I went with the red! (Glidden Paint’s Red Delicious…Read more about my decision.) That pop of color makes such a huge difference in my kitchen, and I can’t stop staring at it.  I love how it completely transforms the look of the room, and the whole space (it’s connected to the dining and family rooms).  Even though we’re renting right now, and can’t paint walls, freshening, brightening and adding pops of color with paint isn’t off limits! Painting and refinishing furniture is one of my favorite things to do, and one of the easiest (and least expensive ) ways to really change a room.

I used Glidden’s simplified color palette and Color 101 at My Colortopia to help me narrow down the color of red that wanted, which is usually much more stressful.  Being able to use and re-use the tools and resources until you feel comfortable with your decision, and makes the color selection process so much easier.

Once I decided on the color, I went with Glidden® DUO® Paint and Primer Interior Satin paint.  Using a primer when you’re painting furniture is important, and I love that it saves me a step.  I love the distressed look, and that’s how the stools already were, so this project was pretty easy. Usually I would need to add layers of paint and a little Vaseline (for the chippy look), all so I could just sand them off again.  :) The stools already had layers of brown and white, which was perfect–I just painted right over the top!  I had to add several coats, but stopped just shy of total coverage, because I wanted it to be easy to sand off, and get through to those layers hiding underneath.

Yes, the stools have numbers–those are actually from the first paint job! I was able to have them peek through from underneath the red, and I love how it looks.  Each of my kids has a number assigned to them, and that number in on their stool, shoe basket, coat hook, and more. It’s my way of keeping things organized, and there’s never an argument about who sits in which stool.  :)

Once the coats were dry, I went to town with my handy power sander! A coat of polyurethane is recommended if it’s a piece that will be getting high traffic, like these stools.  I prefer a wipe-on poly, using a lint-free cloth.

Glidden® DUO® Paint and Primer Interior Satin

 I’m calling this Kitchen Stools Makeover a success!

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