How to Make Adhesive Labels With Your Silhouette Using Print & Cut

Some of my most favorite Silhouette products are the printable adhesive papers–they have white, kraft paper, clear–because there are so many fun options for labels and tags.  Christmas is quickly coming, and I always start in October with my planning and project list, so I can really enjoy the month of December with my family.  Christmas cards are one thing that can go out right after Thanksgiving, and I thought it would be fun to make some cute adhesive labels for the back of the envelopes.

Have you ever used the print & cut feature on your Silhouette?  I LOVE it.  It’s so easy, and it’s how you can get text and images on the labels you cut out. Think gift tags…address labels…envelope labels…and more! I’m going to share the tutorial for making circle labels, but you can do other shapes too!  If you have any questions at the end of it, please ask me–I’m happy to help!

Okay…open up your Silhouette software, and set it to 8.5 x 11, and a cutting mat–whatever size you are using. I use a 12 x 12 mat, as you can see on the screen.

silhouette labels |

Use the circle shape tool (on the left sidebar) to make a circle–the size doesn’t really matter, but you want it large enough to see what you’re creating.  Click on Object > Make Compound Path. This will help me make my text rounded, and curve around the circle. If you don’t want rounded text, you can skip the next couple of steps–just use the text tool to type the text you like, and place it wherever you want inside the circle.  If you would like a different shape–square, rectangle, or other shape, you can use the shape tool or insert something from your library instead.

silhouette labels |

Click on the text icon, and type out your text in desired font.  DOUBLE click on the word, and it will have a green box around it, with a little round target looking icon (you can see it right on the “m”).  You can maneuver your text if you click on that icon–move it down to the circle, and it will automatically go around the circle.  If it moves, or you need to change it, just double click again on the word, and it will bring that little icon back up again.

silhouette labels |

silhouette labels |

Repeat this process for any other rounded text you’d like. If the spacing looks to crunchy or funny when it goes around the circle, you can change the character spacing to spread the letters out a little bit until you get it the way you like it.

silhouette labels |

Once your text is rounded, you can Click Object < Release Compound Path.  Click on the circle and delete–you don’t need it anymore!

silhouette labels |

Create another circle using the shape tool. Make it as big as you like in relation to the text–leaving as much or as little space as you want between them.

silhouette labels |

I wanted a dotted line, so I clicked on the line style icon at the top of the page, and chose the smallest dotted line.  It will look really tiny on your circle at first, but we will eventually be making it a lot smaller, which will make the dots further apart and bigger. If you choose a larger dotted line now, it won’t look much like a dotted line later. You don’t have to dot your line–you can leave it solid if you like.

silhouette labels |

Click on the Line Color icon, and select the color you’d like your dotted line to be.

silhoeutte labels |

 Do the same thing for your text, but use the Fill Color icon.

silhouette labels |

I wanted to add a cute graphic to the middle of my label, so I opened my library, and chose the one I wanted.

silhouette labels |

I didn’t want all three trees, so I ungrouped them:  Object < Ungroup. Then I could delete the trees that I didn’t want.

silhouette labels |

  I grouped my last tree after I deleted them, since it was made up of more than one part.  Just highlight what you want to be grouped, then go to Object < Group.

silhouette labels |

I clicked on the Fill Color icon, and made my tree red!

silhouette labels |

You need another circle!  This circle will be what’s actually cut out by the Silhouette, and any blank space between your dotted line and the new circle will be how much cardstock is left when it’s cut out.  I like having the kraft paper show on the edges, and give the dotted line a buffer, so I adjusted my newest circle accordingly.

silhouette labels |

Once the circle is where you want it, you need to group the whole thing together.  Highlight all the parts, then click on Object < Group.  Now you can move it where you want it!

silhouette labels |

This step is super important—click on the registration marks icon, and make sure that little box at the top that says “Show Reg Marks” is clicked.  I took a screenshot too early of this step, so you don’t see mine checked, but it’s imperative for using print & cut that it is.

silhouette labels |

Next really important step…you have to change the cut style to “CUT EDGE”.  This means it will only cut that outside circle, and not all the other stuff inside–which it would otherwise.

silhouette labels |

Now you can re-size your image to the size of label you want it to be. I sized mine to about 1.2 inches.  See all those grid marks? Those are the registration marks, and you have to keep your image inside both those grid marks and the red border.  It won’t print or cut correctly if not.

silhouette labels |

If you want a whole page of these labels, then go to Object < Replicate < Full Page.  It will automatically fill the page with that exact image, and will also stay within the necessary lines.

silhouette labels |

Now it’s time to print!!  Click on File > Print, and print to your printer. Make sure your adhesive printable paper is already loaded!

silhouette labels |

Once it’s printed, you’re ready to cut.  Place your printable paper on the cutting mat as shown on your screen, then load it into your Silhouette. Select File < Send to Silhouette, and follow the prompts.  Select the type of printable paper you’re using, and adjust your blade as necessary. Once you’ve walked through everything, then click cut. You’ll be amazed at how it knows just where to cut!!!

silhouette labels |

silhouette labels |

And you’ve got darling adhesive labels!!!

silhouette label |

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  1. This is probably a very basic maybe even dumb question, but I do not know anything about the printing or “color” part. I have heard of sketch pens, but I thought that was instead of the blade. I thought that it would be awesome if I could actually make something in color, but didn’t know it was possible. How do I do that? (The only thing I have tried so far is cutting vinyl. I am ok at that, but like I said I didn’t think I could add color to stuff.)
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. No, totally not a dumb question!! When you’re creating things in your Silhouette software, you have access to the online Silhouette library where you can purchase graphics. There are lots of graphics that are designed to be specifically for print and cut, which means they are in full color. You print them on your printer, just like you would with any other program. The only difference is that you add registration marks before you print, so that your machine can read them, and know where and how to cut them out. If you design your own thing, there are tools to add color to text and designs right in your software, then you print them out on your printer, and cut them on your machine. I’m happy to help with any other questions you have! You can always e-mail me!! xoxo

  2. I’ve had my cameo for several years, but only now have the time/motivation to actually sit down and figure it all out. No techie here, so it’s a challenge. I was hoping to print product labels for my business (HP wide format network printer) but find I can only print Silhouette designs – not labels I’ve created myself. It may print the frame (grouped with the text, added registration marks) or nothing at all. I’m thinking it must be the link between Silhouette and my printer (?), but why problems only with created labels? I’m wondering if anyone else has run across this. I know it’s April, but your Holiday labels are so cool on the kraft paper. Thanks for your blog and inspiration! ~Suzy

  3. Great tutorial, but my problem is that the wording that is going around the circle (outer edge) is not printing. I have grouped them all together. I had the same problem with the dotted line but the comments above helped me solve that! Any suggestions would be great.

      1. I made the first circle, then put text around it and around the bottom. Then put a picture and took the circle away then put another circle (dotted) about the picture but not the rounded text (wording). Then I put the larger cut circle around it all. I can send you a picture if it would be easier for you to understand.
        I appreciate you trying to help me.

  4. I am loving this tutorial and have wanted to figure this out for so long! I am just trying to highlight all the parts before I group them so I can move them and can’t figure out how to do that. Thanks for the help!

  5. Hi, I just got a silhouette for Christmas. Right now I am messing around trying to learn to work studio. I was trying to put together a sticker as you have here but my bottom word “Christmas” is coming out upside down and I can’t get it right side up around the circle. Any suggestions?


    1. I figured it out! Very simple fix. Just had to move the word into the circle not on the outside!

  6. I never saw in the tutorial on which paper you are using and how it is printing color! Or did I somehow miss it? I am new with the machine and trying to figure out how you did this! Thanks!

    1. Allisenne, I print it on my computer, with just regular paper! The rest of it should be in this post: I design what I want in the Silhouette software on my computer, and print it right from there. There’s an option when you’re printing for “print and cut”, and it prints registration marks on the paper. Then you insert it in your Silhouette, and it will cut your design out! That’s a basic overview, but if you have any other questions, please let me know!! xo

  7. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I love the print and cut feature! The problem I have is after everything is cut and I go to remove the paper for the mat, it curls up, leaving my stickers curled up. I’m using Avery full sticker paper. Any suggestions? Can I cut it without the mat since it has its own backing? Thanks for any help in advance.

    1. You are welcome! You could try it without the mat, and see if it works. I think there’s definitely a chance that it will, because sticker paper is pretty thick. If you still do it on the mat, what if you just peeled off the stickers, and not the whole paper? I’ve had the curling happen before too, so I know what you’re talking about. Or, turn the mat over, and try peeling the mat off of the paper, instead of the paper off the mat. Does that make sense? Just thinking out loud…

      Let me know if any of these work, and I’ll keep thinking too. xoxo

  8. Hello, this is a great tutorial. I see much more clearer except that I am trying to print out small stickers first.. like simple images like a cup. I have been playing with the software (the basic download) before buying a silhouette portrait. I also wanted to see how well my printer prints in color, not too chevy! Um.. i am having real problems with getting the sizing down. I am using the basic download and scale option. That is not the best because if i tweak one W to say .500 the H goes to a different number and I cant one or the other size at that size to play with the size. Its frustrating. This is why i wanted to play with the software before getting a printer like this. Now i dont have the ruler on the side, it doesnt come with basic i believe … i can upgrade later to the other ones thats 50.00 or wait to get the one from the printer itself. Please tell me this all make sense? No one wants to go looooowww to explain this to me. I am not interested in making a business out of this, i just want to make things with family and for my small planner pages. Please email me at so we can better understand this. These things are hard! Thank you so much. I would really appreciate the help. (I plan to show this to my nieces who are 11 yrs old. and hope to get them engaged in something healthy).

  9. Imagine my relief when I had to google “How to print and cut on my silhouette” and up popped a link to your tutorial. You saved the day for me….again! Lol! You explain it better than the other tutorials I had pinned on pinterest. I just made my first sale in my Etsy shop, and needed to make a label for instructions, so thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome interpretation and instructions.

    1. Yay!! I’m SO glad you found me, and the help you needed! CONGRATS on your first sale…best wishes on many, many more! xoxoxo

  10. Hi, i am wondering, did you use sketch pens or any other diy pens for this? I can’t find many links on how to do return labels, which I want to do or possibly labels for wedding invites! 9yikes the pressure, it’s for a friend too!) So I would like mine as a rectangle for the return and the invite labels not sure yet, any help with this? Also does the registration mark have to be on? i am doing the clear adhesive paper for all the labels.

    1. I didn’t use sketch pens, I used the print & cut feature. I created the text and label in the Silhouette software, printed it on my printer (yes, you need registration marks), then put it through my Silhouette and it cut out the labels. You could definitely do return address labels and address labels. Everything is there in the tutorial–you would just create your own text and printable and then follow the directions to print & cut!

  11. Hi there, LOVE this tutorial and sooo glad I found this!

    How do you KNOW you are getting a 2.5” circle? Is there a way to size your circles to inches ie: 2.5″?

    1. Hi, Audrey–so glad you found me! :) You have total control over the size of circle you make. All you have to do is click on it, and then you can drag it smaller or larger. The size will hover above the circle, and you can adjust it to exactly where you want it to be. I do this after I complete my design, because then everything is sized at the same time. Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions! xo

    1. I’ve used several different printers, but HP Envy is my favorite! I also use a variety of papers, depending on the project, and what I’m using it for. White card stock, colored cardstock, adhesive cardstock, full sheet white labels…all of them have worked well!

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