How to Make Adhesive Labels With Your Silhouette Using Print & Cut

Some of my most favorite Silhouette products are the printable adhesive papers–they have white, kraft paper, clear–because there are so many fun options for labels and tags.  Christmas is quickly coming, and I always start in October with my planning and project list, so I can really enjoy the month of December with my family.  Christmas cards are one thing that can go out right after Thanksgiving, and I thought it would be fun to make some cute adhesive labels for the back of the envelopes.

Have you ever used the print & cut feature on your Silhouette?  I LOVE it.  It’s so easy, and it’s how you can get text and images on the labels you cut out. Think gift tags…address labels…envelope labels…and more! I’m going to share the tutorial for making circle labels, but you can do other shapes too!  If you have any questions at the end of it, please ask me–I’m happy to help!

Okay…open up your Silhouette software, and set it to 8.5 x 11, and a cutting mat–whatever size you are using. I use a 12 x 12 mat, as you can see on the screen.

silhouette labels |

Use the circle shape tool (on the left sidebar) to make a circle–the size doesn’t really matter, but you want it large enough to see what you’re creating.  Click on Object > Make Compound Path. This will help me make my text rounded, and curve around the circle. If you don’t want rounded text, you can skip the next couple of steps–just use the text tool to type the text you like, and place it wherever you want inside the circle.  If you would like a different shape–square, rectangle, or other shape, you can use the shape tool or insert something from your library instead.

silhouette labels |

Click on the text icon, and type out your text in desired font.  DOUBLE click on the word, and it will have a green box around it, with a little round target looking icon (you can see it right on the “m”).  You can maneuver your text if you click on that icon–move it down to the circle, and it will automatically go around the circle.  If it moves, or you need to change it, just double click again on the word, and it will bring that little icon back up again.

silhouette labels |

silhouette labels |

Repeat this process for any other rounded text you’d like. If the spacing looks to crunchy or funny when it goes around the circle, you can change the character spacing to spread the letters out a little bit until you get it the way you like it.

silhouette labels |

Once your text is rounded, you can Click Object < Release Compound Path.  Click on the circle and delete–you don’t need it anymore!

silhouette labels |

Create another circle using the shape tool. Make it as big as you like in relation to the text–leaving as much or as little space as you want between them.

silhouette labels |

I wanted a dotted line, so I clicked on the line style icon at the top of the page, and chose the smallest dotted line.  It will look really tiny on your circle at first, but we will eventually be making it a lot smaller, which will make the dots further apart and bigger. If you choose a larger dotted line now, it won’t look much like a dotted line later. You don’t have to dot your line–you can leave it solid if you like.

silhouette labels |

Click on the Line Color icon, and select the color you’d like your dotted line to be.

silhoeutte labels |

 Do the same thing for your text, but use the Fill Color icon.

silhouette labels |

I wanted to add a cute graphic to the middle of my label, so I opened my library, and chose the one I wanted.

silhouette labels |

I didn’t want all three trees, so I ungrouped them:  Object < Ungroup. Then I could delete the trees that I didn’t want.

silhouette labels |

  I grouped my last tree after I deleted them, since it was made up of more than one part.  Just highlight what you want to be grouped, then go to Object < Group.

silhouette labels |

I clicked on the Fill Color icon, and made my tree red!

silhouette labels |

You need another circle!  This circle will be what’s actually cut out by the Silhouette, and any blank space between your dotted line and the new circle will be how much cardstock is left when it’s cut out.  I like having the kraft paper show on the edges, and give the dotted line a buffer, so I adjusted my newest circle accordingly.

silhouette labels |

Once the circle is where you want it, you need to group the whole thing together.  Highlight all the parts, then click on Object < Group.  Now you can move it where you want it!

silhouette labels |

This step is super important—click on the registration marks icon, and make sure that little box at the top that says “Show Reg Marks” is clicked.  I took a screenshot too early of this step, so you don’t see mine checked, but it’s imperative for using print & cut that it is.

silhouette labels |

Next really important step…you have to change the cut style to “CUT EDGE”.  This means it will only cut that outside circle, and not all the other stuff inside–which it would otherwise.

silhouette labels |

Now you can re-size your image to the size of label you want it to be. I sized mine to about 1.2 inches.  See all those grid marks? Those are the registration marks, and you have to keep your image inside both those grid marks and the red border.  It won’t print or cut correctly if not.

silhouette labels |

If you want a whole page of these labels, then go to Object < Replicate < Full Page.  It will automatically fill the page with that exact image, and will also stay within the necessary lines.

silhouette labels |

Now it’s time to print!!  Click on File > Print, and print to your printer. Make sure your adhesive printable paper is already loaded!

silhouette labels |

Once it’s printed, you’re ready to cut.  Place your printable paper on the cutting mat as shown on your screen, then load it into your Silhouette. Select File < Send to Silhouette, and follow the prompts.  Select the type of printable paper you’re using, and adjust your blade as necessary. Once you’ve walked through everything, then click cut. You’ll be amazed at how it knows just where to cut!!!

silhouette labels |

silhouette labels |

And you’ve got darling adhesive labels!!!

silhouette label |

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  1. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I recently bought a cameo and am still in the “total newbie” phase. Can’t wait to try this out!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I am having trouble with this step:
    “Once your text is rounded, you can Click Object < Release Compound Path. Click on the circle and delete–you don't need it anymore! "
    When I do that either the top or bottom text goes straight again. Tried several different times but I always lose the rounded text when I release the compound path. Any ideas? I did get around it by just making the circle line "no color"

    1. You know Sarah, this happened to me once or twice, and I just went ahead and deleted it without releasing the compound path, and it was totally fine. I don’t know why it does that, but you can work around it.

    1. There really isn’t much left–just small scraps, so I toss it! If there was more, I would save it to use again.

  3. so I am brand new to this and trying this for my first silhouette project, but I can’t get it to cut my stickers correctly, it is cutting circles, but they aren’t in the right spot? I have read through it over and over and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, any ideas??

    1. The only thing that I can think of is that you should double check that the registration marks are on, and that whatever you’re cutting is within the red borders. Without those registration marks, it won’t cut correctly after it’s printed. If that’s right, then I would check to make sure that your paper is lined up correctly on the cutting mat–that will also make a huge difference in the end result. Hmmmm…I’ll keep thinking about it–let me know if none of those things work!

    2. Glori, Just thought I would add you absolutely have to add those registration marks. I attempted it thinking I knew what I was doing and thought I’d lined it up perfectly and I messed up two pages. After that I saw this post and attempted it again WITH registration marks. Everything came on right on the dot. Huge difference! Thanks for writing this post Kierste!

      1. Thank you for adding that, Amanda!! I’m glad it helped make everything work for you! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. When I try to replicate the page, it does it, but it makes the bottom circle text straight on the ones that it replicates. Only the original circle has circular shaped text in the replicated circles. Does that make sense? I can’t figure it out.

    1. Did you group it together before trying to replicate it? Can you send me a screenshot?

  5. It is still trying to cut out the type instead of printing. When I click on cut edge it is selecting the text also

      1. HI again Kierste, What I did to make it cut ONLY the outside edge was I highlighted everything EXCEPT the outside edge in “cut style” and clicked “No Cut” -problem solved! :) Yay!!

          1. Hi Becky,

            I’ve been thinking about this more today, because I’ve been working on my own print & cut project, and I’m wondering if the first time around (when it was cutting the inside) if you had grouped together the entire object. I forgot that step this afternoon, and when I tried to cut out my labels with text inside, the text was cut too. As soon as I grouped the circle and text into one object, I could select “cut edge” and it worked. What you’re doing also works too, but I just thought I would mention it. :)

    1. Hi Kierste, Thanks for the tutorial, but my problem is similar to Wanda’s….when I click on the “cut style” icon, it immediately highlights EVERYTHING (text, clip art, shapes) to be cut, while I only want the outside shape to be cut. Any new suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

    2. Hi Wanda–I just wanted to make sure you saw the last comment to this post! She had the same problem (or similar ) to you, and posted how she fixed it!!!

  6. Thank you for this great tutorial! Everything is working except that the dotted line will not print. Do you have any ideas?

      1. Thanks for taking a look and replying! I think I found out what was wrong. The line thickness for the dotted line was set at 0 so I increased that a little and it printed! Thank you for a great tutorial!

  7. Wonderful! I just got a Silhouette today and was wondering if I could print and cut designs. Your tutorial showed me exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you!

    1. Yay!! I’m so glad!! Congrats on your new Silhouette…you are going to love it!!! xoxo

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial. It was very easy to understand and follow. Had one quick question. When I make the cuts, the first half of the page the cuts line up just fine with the printed images but on the bottom half of the page the cuts don’t line up. It seems like the paper is sticking to the mat just fine so I don’t think the page is shifting so why would the accuracy of the cuts decline as it goes down the page? Is there some step I am forgetting ?

    1. oh, and I should mention I am using the usual registration marks and the silhouette mat that came with my new cameo. Printing on sticker paper purchased at staples. Planning on printing on higher quality paper but didn’t want to waste the expensive sticker paper on some test runs (still trying out different sizes and designs).

    2. I would double check to see if your paper is shifting at all–I can’t think of any other reason that it wouldn’t be cutting the same on the whole entire paper if the registration marks were set. Hmmmm…let me think on it. I’m so sorry–I know it’s frustrating!!

      1. Thanks for your reply. I tried printing it again and made sure that the paper was secure and it happened again. Then I made another sheet of stickers where the stickers were larger and that came out perfectly. I think what was happening was that the shape of my stickers was pretty intricate (outline of state of Texas) and because of that and because there were so many stickers on the sheet, it must have moved the sheet somehow. I like the stickers a little bit bigger anyway so problem solved.

        1. Yay! I’m so glad it worked. If you were willing to sacrifice one of you higher quality sheets, it would be interesting to see if it would.

  9. This tutorial is great but I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. When I send the finished file to print, it only prints the image from the Silhouette store. It doesn’t print the circle or the text inside of it. What could I be doing wrong?

    1. You know, I’m not sure! Did you group it together to make one object? I’m going to be doing a print and cut project tonight, and I’ll see if I notice what could be happening.

    2. Im having the same problem. I just got my silhouette and having fun with it so far, but now im to print and cut and it’s not printing the words on my design. What am I doing wrong?

  10. Hi Ladies,
    I am a newbie with my silhouette Cameo. Is there someplace that explains the terminology in layman terms ?eg Make compound path ? and how when you make a tag and you do an internal offset, you want to have colour between the offsets ( Goodness I hope this makes sense )
    Any help wold be VERY much appreciated

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