How often to replace bed pillows

This past week I replaced all of my kids’ pillows. It’s something I do on a regular basis, although the timing can be a bit different based on the pillow and what it’s been through! I don’t buy super expensive pillows for my kids. They’re kids, and too much happens to them that can cause ruin (bloody noses, getting sick, etc.), so I stick with reasonably priced and quality pillows that are still comfy but won’t break the bank to replace. It’s been a little over a year now since I bought the last pillows, and after the last time I washed the pillowcases, I noticed that it was really time for new ones.

How Often To Replace Bed Pillows

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After Christmas into January feels like the perfect timing to freshen and spruce things up, as I’m cleaning and organizing after the holidays. Walmart Home is one of my go-to places to find things for my home, including bedding and linens. I can always find what I’m looking for, at a great price. And…it’s so easy to order and pick up, or have them delivered to your home. Even ordering and picking up 10 bed pillows was easy, and they put them right in my vehicle for me. I also added in new white bed sheets and pillowcases, because those were in need of replacing as well. The pillows I bought were only $3.44 each, on sale from $9.83 each. Such a steal, and perfect for my kids.

How Often To Replace Bed Pillows

I’m also in the middle of doing a mini makeover for one of my girls’ rooms, and so I also got new sheets and pillowcases for her bed. I love white the best, because they go with everything, and they’re easy to keep clean! I’ll be sharing the post soon of her room–I’m excited to show you the details.

How often should you replace bed pillows?

Your head spends a lot of time on your pillow, so it’s important to consider how clean they are, and the type of pillow that’s best for you. Allergic reactions, neck pain, and even face breakouts are some of the things that can occur when pillows aren’t switched out on a regular basis.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends every 1-2 years, although that be dependent on other factors like pillow quality. According to them, old pillows collect things like bed bugs, dust mites, fungus, mold, and pet dander, and can cause face breakouts. Have you seen yellow stains on your pillows? They say that those stains come from sweat, oils from your skin and hair, drool, and other dirt.

In addition, not having the proper support can really affect your body, including neck pain, a lack of restful sleep, and waking up feeling sore.

Here are a few guidelines to help decide if it’s time to replace pillows:

  1. Fold your pillow in half. Does it stay that way?
  2. Are you noticing soreness or neck pain? Face breakouts?
  3. Is there significant staining?

Washing your pillowcases once a week will help maintain cleanliness, and sometimes I wash them more often than that if they need it. A gentle detergent can make a difference as well. You can also wash your pillows–follow the directions on the manufacturer’s label, because what the pillow is made from will determine the settings.

Pillow & Bedding Favorites

My husband and I each prefer different types of pillows–I like softer, he likes more firm. So when I’m looking for pillows or our bed, or our guest bedroom, they’re not usually the same for each side of the bed! Here are some of our favorites…with several different price points. This list also includes favorite sheets and pillowcases!

How Often To Replace Bed Pillows

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