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We LOVE having guests come, and we’ve been lucky to have quite a few people visit this past year. As part of their welcome, I like to leave them a Guest Welcome Basket in their room, on the bed, so they’ll see it right away. It lets them know how glad we are that they are with us, and gives them a few comfort items for their “home away from home”.  If you’re having holiday guests this year (or anytime), consider putting together your own Guest Welcome Basket!

guest welcome basket |

I personalize for it each guest that comes, although some of the items remain the same, but I always add things that I know they love.  For a family that recently came, I stocked it with dark chocolate and fruit flavored water, since those are their favorites. I also always add magazines, and again, I can select them based on what I know about them.  If you are having just one guest, you can add towels (bath, handtowel, and washcloth), but almost always have more than one, and not enough room in the basket, so I have those ready in their bathroom.

Some of the basic items I add:


-bottled water


-a yummy treat (mints, dark chocolate, chewy candy-whatever they like!)

-something crunchy (nuts, Chex mix, etc.)

-our Wi-Fi password

I made these painted apple baskets a few years ago, and I’ve found they are perfect for this. They are a great size, have a handle, and are darling!  I also created a cute tag to tie on, and you can download it at the end of the post if you like!

guest welcome basket |

It really is so fun to do, and I think I get just as much enjoyment out of it as they do.  ☺


(Open file, save to your computer. Print on white or cream cardstock and cut out with a paper trimmer or scissors.)

HELLO TAGS (Guest Welcome Basket)

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