My Herbs are Growing! Gro-ables Update…

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Okay, so you know how nervous I was to venture into this world of gardening, and I’m feeling so encouraged!  I think I might even go so far as to remove “black thumb” from my name! ☺  I’ve been so pleased with my whole experience with Gro-ables. It was the perfect start for me, since they’re designed for beginning gardeners, and the user process has been streamlined and simplified to take the guesswork out of gardening.

I’m not quite ready to harvest, but I’m really looking forward to that day!  The basil smells SO yummy, and I’m totally counting down the days until I make some of my favorite recipes and try new ones. Summer is almost here, and there are SO many fabulous ways to use fresh herbs–grilling, salads, and the SALSA, oh my!  My dill is growing too, and one of my most favorite potato salad recipes calls for fresh dill.  I’ll share it as soon as I harvest and make it…I think you’ll love it too!

  It’s really been so easy, and starting small has been the perfect way for me to go.  I love that you can plant one herb, two, three, or as many as you like.  It made me feel so much better that they were guaranteed to grow if I followed the directions, and it’s true!  I did learn one lesson this past week, after bunnies ate my lettuce.  ☺  I have to keep my herbs up a little higher, to avoid animals eating them.

Have you been over to Sprout it? You can get ideas about what kind of garden you’d like to have, and based on the types of food and recipes you want to make, it will give you a list of what you need to grow, and how many plants you need for your household.  It’s extremely helpful, and worth taking a look at!  Doesn’t that salsa look fabulous?  It’s one of my most favorite things!!

For more info about Gro-ables, you can also watch this video…

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed my growing experience, and I didn’t think I would ever say that.  ☺  I can’t wait until we can experience fresh herbs from our very own garden!  If you have any recipes I should try, things you would make with Groables herbs and vegetables, please share–I’d love to see them!

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  1. Funny, I was just noticing that I have the perfect spot for some basil when I saw your email update.
    Oddly enough, it says there are no retailers in my area, and when I click on ‘find an online retailer’, it says there aren’t any??

    1. That is strange, Renee. I know that our Target has carried them, and other large retailers like Walmart. I’ll bet there’s a good chance yours would have them as well.

  2. ….And I just investigated that putting fresh basil into pasta sauce makes the absolute most amazing sauce ever!!I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with anything less now. What a feeling of satisfaction to first of all GROW/ then pick/ then cook with your very own sprigs of herbs!

    1. YES!! Fresh basil is tomato sauce is heavenly, and it’s so fun to say that I grew the herbs and made the sauce! Glad you discovered it too. :)

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