My Gro-ables Herb Garden Update!

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I have some very exciting news to share…my little herb garden is growing! This is BIG, I’m telling you. When I heard about Gro-ables, how easy they are to use, and that they’re designed for beginning gardeners,  I couldn’t wait to give them a try.  Since I’m not the world’s best gardener, I usually rely on my husband to do  the gardening, but this time I wanted to do it all on my own.

So…when I saw these cute little green sprouts popping up this week, I was more than thrilled.  That’s basil you see there, yay!!!

They really were so easy to plant, I almost couldn’t believe it. I literally just peeled off the “lid” of the seed pod, dug a small hole in my soil, and placed the pod down inside the hole.  No need to even cover it over with more soil. That’s it!  I’ve just kept it watered every day, and in the sunlight, and I’ve got my own little herb garden growing.

  Gro-ables really has simplified the process and taken the guesswork out of gardening.  Normally I feel so overwhelmed by the thought of it, but this is so do-able.  I love it, and I can’t wait until it’s time to harvest I can start using all these fresh and delicious herbs in the meals I make.  My mouth is watering at the thought of all the yummy salads for spring and summer!

I typically buy all my fresh herbs at the grocery store, and growing my own is satisfying for several reasons. The cost of one seed pod is less than what I normally spend for one small bunch of herbs, making it incredibly cost-effective to grow my own.  I’m saving money, plus I have the convenience of using them whenever I want to, and knowing that they are the most fresh I can get!

You can see even more on this Gro-ables video!

I’d love to hear which recipes you would make with your own Gro-ables herbs!  I’m making a list! ☺

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