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Hello everyone!
I’m Sumo, or Summer if you wanna get formal.
I blog over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff.
It’s my little place in the blogging world where you can come to find sewing and crafting inspiration. Sewing is my favorite creative outlet, but I’m not afraid to bust out the Mod Podge and paint when the mood strikes. You might also catch me professing my love of Target (or the popcorn store as we call it), talking about my relationships with Lucy (Cameo) and Veronica (sewing machine), or bragging about my three beautiful girls. I have an extreme fondness for Diet Coke, my minivan, historical fiction, and most sweets.
I’m so excited to be here to share a project while Kierste spends time with her sweet new baby.
Today I’m going to show you how to make these ridiculously cute, and ridiculously easy upcycled baby shoes.
gilded shoes cover
We have three girls at our house, so you can imagine that along with the fun of shopping for girls, there is also a lot of hand me down action going on. Most of the time, shoes are something that don’t really last. My girls are hard on shoes, and we generally have to buy new ones with each season. But sometimes baby shoes don’t get quite as much use, and we’re able to use them again.
These brown shoes below are super cute, but with the upcoming warmer weather months, there’s not a lot of brown in my one year old’s wardrobe. We’ve got lots of bright colors – including some trendy neon – so I decided to turn these shoes into something more wearable for her.
Here’s what you need:
– shoes
– paint (I just used regular acrylic craft paint)
– liquid gilding (I have a Martha Stewart gilding and love it)
– paint brush
The floral part of these shoes is a canvas type material, so I figured it would cover up easy with the craft paint. I just began carefully painting the shoes. You could tape off the vinyl part of the shoes if you want, but liquid gilding covers really well, so I wasn’t too worried if I got a tiny bit of paint on those parts.
Here’s what the shoe looked like when I was done painting the canvas part.
Next I started on the liquid gilding. It goes on smoothly and covers really well. I only needed one coat on all of the vinyl parts.
Halfway there!
And done! I really couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. I love how these shoes are now updated to go with the seasons and with the clothing my baby has to wear.
Don’t you think they look pretty perfect with this outfit?
Thanks so much for letting me share this project with you today! Have fun updating some shoes of your own!



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