General Conference Treat Buckets

Our church has the opportunity to hear from our church leaders twice a year, which is called General Conference. It’s always a fun weekend, with lots of food, family, and friends. Having little ones can be a challenge though, since they aren’t quite as excited about sitting down to listen.
My good friend shared this fun idea with me, and when I introduced it to my kids, it was a hit. A {HUGE} hit. So much so, they have been talking about it since October.

General Conference Treat Buckets

*I found the tin buckets in the dollar section at Target–perfect!

*We decided the words we wanted the kids to listen for during Conference–prophet, temple, faith, scriptures, and family–then I added one word to the front of each bucket in vinyl (font = Wish I Was Taller) . You could also use stickers, rub-ons, or print the words on cardstock then mat them on scrapbook paper and attach them with double stick tape. I tied ribbon around the handle for a fun accent. For really little ones, you could add a picture in addition to or instead of the words.

*I filled each bucket with the kids’ favorite candy…

*During conference, I line the buckets up along the hearth, and then anytime they hear one of the words on the bucket, they can come and take a piece of candy. I also give them a cup with their name on it to put their candy in, although not much makes it into the cup, lol.

This is such an easy idea, and I promise, your kids will never get tired of it!

This idea isn’t just for General Conference…it could also be used in any kind of classroom setting–from home, to school, to church!




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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Growing up, my dad would do this on paper with us (even until we were 18yrs old) but we had a couple dozen…and I've been looking for a way to decrease it for my kiddos….
    Props to you for this idea ;)

  2. such a good idea!! I just snatched up a few of these buckets @ Tarjay!!
    {what font is that you used?}

  3. What a GREAT idea!! I already bought 3 of those buckets for no reason at all, just hoping for some great idea to hit my in the face – and you just did! – now off to see if I can possibly find 2 more…

  4. I LOVE this idea and can't wait to try it out tomorrow! I linked you from my blog I hope that's ok?

  5. i picked everything up at the store..such a great idea!! we decided to do candy for half the tins and crackers/pencils/stickers for the other ones. Don't want too much sugar overload :)

  6. Okay, I forgot to get all the things to make the buckets and I thought about it Sunday morning. So I just grabbed 2 bowls and the 2 candies we had in the house, and I assigned each bowl 2 words. I used: Spirit, Family, Prophet, and Temple.

    My 6 year old was getting after the younger kids to be quiet so she could listen! (that was amazing itself!) But they hit the jackpot with Bednar and Monsons talks about the temple and spirit of revelation!!!

    Thanks for your great ideas! It was a nice conference Sunday!

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