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There have been lots of new babies born around here, and just this past week I took a meal to a friend who had a beautiful baby boy.  I decided to create a fun label for the freezer meal that I brought her cute little family–perfect for all the information she would need to thaw and bake.

Freezer Meal Labels | oldsaltfarm.com

I loved it so much, I decided to make several different versions, and share them with you!  Whether you are taking a freezer meal or someone else, or stocking your own freezer, these are a darling way to document the directions.  They are blank labels, so you could use them for treat plates, or even a ready-to-go meal you might be delivering.  They’ll work on aluminum foil, large plastic bags, and plastic container lids.

There is a place to add your name, so the person you give it to will remember how much you love them!  If I’m making them for my own family, I sign it “Mom”.  :)

You can also use these labels for other items you might be freezing, and they’re perfect for adding the date that you added it to your freezer–so you remember when you need to use it by!


PDF files:  These are full sheet (six to a page) printables–pink & grey, blue & grey, and brown.  Print on to full sheet white labels, and cut out!

freezer labels: grey & pink

freezer meals: blue & grey

freezer meals: chocolate brown

PSD file:  This is the photoshop file, for those of you who want to type your text.

Photoshop File

JPG files:  These are separate jpg images.  Right click on image, then save as your desired file. Insert into a Word file (or compatible), then print onto full sheet white labels and cut!

freezer meal label blank blue & grey freezer meal label blank brown freezer meal label blank pink & grey


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