Fortune Cookie Gift Tags & Free Printable {Mother’s Day and Friendship}

Can I just say that chocolate-dipped fortune cookies are SUPER yummy?  ☺ I work with the young children at my church, and we like to have the kids give something to their moms on Mother’s Day.  I’ve always loved the fortune cookie gift idea, and I thought it would be perfect for all of the lovely mothers of our cute Primary kids.  We have almost 200 kids, so we always need to come up with something that will work for a large group.  That’s one of the reasons I love this idea so much–it’s easily adaptable for numbers–whether you need a bunch of them, or just a few, it works! And the tags…once I got started I couldn’t stop! I made some for mothers, grandmothers, friends, and even visiting teachers.

fortune cookie gift tags |

SO fun!  For the Primary kids, I’m doing something a little different than the picture above.  We’re doing one fortune cookie in a small clear treat bag, and the tag tied on with ribbon.  I’m also layering the tag with a larger scalloped circle that I’m going to give to each child to either color on, or write reasons WHY they’re so fortunate to have their mom as their mom.  I’ll stack the circles, then tie them on the bag.  This will add a personal element, which I really want.

You can definitely just give this to one or two, or a few moms!  Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores carry cute takeout boxes for about $1, and it would be darling to fill up a takeout box with the dipped fortune cookies, and a tag wrapped around the box or tied on.  You could also stack them in a wide mouth mason jar, and tie the tag around the top.

Okay…here’s the low down on the dipping.  ☺  I like doing white so the sprinkles stand out more, but you could certainly use milk/dark chocolate if you prefer.  I found the YUMMIEST melting wafers at Hobby Lobby–white mint!  I’m not kidding, they are SO good.  If you like mint, you should totally try them.  I like using melting wafers instead of chocolate chips when I’m dipping more than a few items.  It’s generally easier for me to work with, and doesn’t harden as quickly.  You can get them cheaper than the chocolate chips when you use a coupon at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn Fabrics.  All of these places have coupons online, and it’s worth a quick google search to get one.  I melted the chocolate, then after laying out some wax paper, I dipped half of the fortune cookie, then immediately sprinkled on the pink to match the tags and laid them on the wax paper to harden.

I bought the Fortune Cookies on Amazon, mostly because we needed so many.  I was able to get 200 of them for less than $25, plus since I have Amazon Prime, free shipping.  It was a great deal! You can buy fewer than that there, but I would also check your local grocery store–I’ve seen them in the Asian section in a few different places.

Now, the tags!  If you want just one image, you can click on the one you like to make it bigger, than right click to save to your computer.  Insert it as a picture into Word, then you can re-size it however you like.  I also have PDF files you can download of full pages of each tag.  I have one for grandmas, mothers, two for friends (one’s a general tag, the other is for Mother’s Day), and one for visiting teachers (Mother’s Day).  I designed them to be 2 inches, so I could use my Fiskars Circle Punch to cut them out.  It’s my FAVORITE thing ever…I use it all the time!!

Super cute, yummy, and easy to put together…can’t beat it!  ☺


PDF: Friends, Hello Circle

PDF: Grandma, Mother’s Day, I Love You circle

PDF: Mom, I Love You circle

PDF: Friends, Mother’s Day

PDF: Visiting Teachers, Mother’s Day


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