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Food Frenzy

Hello everyone – hope you are all enjoying the start of holiday season! This is my absolute favorite time of year but also the time of year I am most anxious when it comes to food. Parties are starting, food is everywhere and there are so many delicious recipes floating about – and I always want to try all of them!!!
I think the best advice I have to prepare for all of the yummy treat ridden excitement ahead is to be prepared! 
  If there’s no junk around (or less of it) then it’s less likely you are going to be eating completely bad. If the pantry, fridge, and freezer are loaded with healthy items – you’ll be less likely to fall off course. If they’re loaded with something that’s always tempting you – throw it out! Stock up on some delicious healthy staples, a few not so bad treats, plan ahead for when you want to indulge on some naughty meals and dessert, and you’ll be all ready not to blow your healthy eating out the window over the next few months!
 What’s in your Pantry
Here are some of my healthy staples… 

 Oats – low in fat and calories, easily adaptable to fit your taste, and very filling. My favorite is low sugar maple and brown sugar with a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter and 1/2 a banana mixed in.



Cereal – often times people think carbs=bad – not so! Look for some low in sugar, low in calories, high in fiber, high in protein cereal and you’ll be all set for breakfast. My current favorites are both from Kelloggs – All~Bran and Special K with Protein.
Bread – Same as cereal – look for high fiber, high protein, low calorie. My latest favorite is Wonder Smart Wheat. 




What’s in your freezer?
Here are some of my healthy staples… 

 Seafood – Tilapia and shrimp and some of my favorites. Both are really healthy, super quick to make, and taste delicious!

Lean Meat – Don’t be afraid to try alternative meats in place of your classics. My tacos are made with ground turkey, if a recipe calls for sausage I use chicken/turkey sausage – there are lots of varieties out there and some super yummy ones as well!
VegetablesLooking for a side dish for dinner? There are now just about any vegetable imaginable in the freezer section. When some kinds of fresh veggies are not in season or just too darn expensive – load your freezer with the frozen kind. With the new steamable bags they are quick, easy, and healthy. My favorite are Green Giant – they have loads of flavor and usually go on sale for a dollar a box!




What’s in your fridge?
Here are some my healthy staples… 

Greek Yogurt – Greek Yogurt is thick, filling, and quite the bang for your buck when it comes to the huge amount of protein and smaller amount of calories found in each serving!

Fruit –  I have an obsession with fruit –  I could eat way than a few too many pieces each day if I don’t limit myself. I once even bought almost 30 lbs of grapes at one time! Fruit is sweet, good for you, and quick to grab – so always keep it around.
Vegetables  These are a little harder for me to eat :)  I don’t mind them cooked but raw from the fridge is a different story.
However, pair them with this and they’re much easier to get down!
The food frenzy for this holiday season is just beginning! Don’t deprive yourself but don’t go overboard either – neither is healthy. Stock up on some healthy staples, trash the tempting junk, try to eat the best you can during the week but when special occasions arise – enjoy yourself!   


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