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A new school year often marks the start of many new things. For kids it often times means a new teacher, new friends, new shoes, etc. Mom’s may be encountering many new things as well – new meal planning schedule, new routine, new wake-up time, and quite possibly new free time with less kids at home. 
Whatever it may be I want you to try something NEW for yourself at this back-to-school time of year. Eating right is the BIGGEST part of our overall health and weight but following right behind is exercise. Even if it doesn’t affect our weight immediately it definitely affects our physical body inside and out
 (and I believe it helps with not just our physical make-up as well)!
 If you are already an exerciser – up your pace, try a new class, switch something up. Maybe you’re an exerciser who goes through stints of inactivity – take it up again – recommit yourself. If you’re someone who wants to get into working out but for whatever reason hasn’t done it yet – now is your time!
Here are some tips to get you started:

{Do something – anything}
Exercising does not have to be all or nothing. You do not have to go from zero to Olympic all star immediately – or ever. You don’t have to have some super rigid and intense routine. Just do something! Whatever strikes your fancy :) Maybe it’s a Zumba dance class, a family bike ride several times a week, a daily walking route with a neighbor, trying an elliptical machine at the gym, etc. When I first started working out I joined a gym and would sneak into classes – and stay at the back. Once I became more comfortable I moved closer and closer then eventually ventured out and tried other parts of the gym – the treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc. My routine started as ‘I go to the gym when I can’ -but  now it’s such a part of my life that I thrive having a schedule and routine for fitting my exercise in. But for now or for forever – just doing something (whatever it is) – several times a week if you can – will do wonders!

{Who cares what others think}
This can be a hard one. But try not to care what others think. So what if you are jogging at a 20 min. pace, so what if you are wearing a grungy t-shirt from high school, so what if you feel like your arms are jiggling back and forth. I have never driven down the street and seen someone out there walking/riding/biking and thought anything else but ‘YAY for them’ – you’re out there working out trying to be healthy and that’s more than a lot of other people out these – so just go with it. 

{Pay for it}
 Sometimes it just takes money to do the trick! Whenever I was trying to lose weight and it just wasn’t happening on my own – I always joined Weight Watchers. Why? I had done it before and had all the skills and know how – I really didn’t need to join again – but sometimes something comes with forking over some cash to get you motivated and committed. Guess what happened every.single.time? Once I gave up a nice chunk of money there was no way I was going to let it go to waste! Try it out with a race, gym membership, class, etc. Once you pay for it you probably are going to want to get your money’s worth!


 I’m  31 weeks pregnant and still chugging along with my same exact running routine. I often ask myself how the heck am I still out there doing this with my big belly? My answer? I have girlfriends waiting for me before the sun comes up 4 days a week. The sole fact that I’m supposed to meet them and I know they’re waiting for me is what rolls me out of bed so early many mornings each week. And you know what? I’m always SO glad when it’s done! I always know that the few more minutes of sleep are never worth the disappoint I feel from not going out and checking exercising off my list for the day. Right now they are what keep me going and I they’re also what can get you going as well!

{Set goals}
 I have a good friend that has really taken up running in the last year or two. For her, she is always motivated to get going or keep going when she signs up for something. Simply having that end in sight is what gets and keeps her on track with exercising. So if you’re having trouble sticking with something – go and find something to sign up for! Maybe it’s a 5k walk, maybe it’s a team triatholon, maybe it’s a 10K run – whatever it is – register and write it on the calendar and work towards meeting that end goal!

If you decide to sign-up and commit to a race here are some helpful training programs to get you started: 

Enjoy the start of the new school year – and your own start of something new!

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