A Few of My Favorite Spring Things

There are so many wonderful things about spring.  As much as I love winter, I’m always ready for flowers and plants to bloom, the temperatures to get warmer, and for the delightful smell that appears in the air.  I’ve been adding some spring touches to my home, and bringing out some of my favorite spring things, so I thought I’d share them with you!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | oldsaltfarm.com

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Mrs. Meyer’s Soap

I am in love with Mrs. Meyer’s products.  They’re made from plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, so they smell fabulous, and really powerful against dirt.  I use their hand soap in my kitchen and bathrooms, and keep the multi-surface cleaner in different parts of my house.  They have so many scents that are just perfect for spring!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Coconut Lemongrass Wickless Candle Wax

I absolutely love my Plug-in Candle Warmer, and I have it on every single day.  I have my favorite scents, and I just switched over from fall/winter scent to my MOST favorite spring scent, which is Coconut Lemongrass by Scentsy.  I have been using it for years, and I still love it as much now as I did in the beginning.  It’s the perfect blend spring, with a little bit of summer mixed in, and when the windows are open and the fresh air melds with it…mmmmmm…it’s the best!!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Yellow Gingham Pillow 

The color yellow is the epitome of spring.  It’s sunny, and cheerful, and always brightens up any room or space.  Gingham is my favorite print, and when it’s paired with yellow, it’s a winner for spring decor!  Add it to a bench, couch, hearth, or bed, for the perfect touch of spring.

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com



Mason Jar Utensil Crock

How adorable is this Mason Jar Utensil Crock?! The color just screams spring, and it’s perfect on any kitchen counter.  Fill it with wooden spoons, utensils, or even a bunch of flowers!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Galvanized Pitcher

I adore pitchers, and while I have and use many white ones, there’s just something about adding a little galvanized metal into my spring decor that I just love.  And honestly, they work well all year round, so you can incorporate them with any season.  Right now I have one in my kitchen full of white tulips, and it makes me happy every time I see it.  Whether it’s a counter, island, table, or mantel, this adorable farmhouse style pitcher is sure to say spring!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Cake Stand

I admit, I have a little bit of a cake stand obsession.  You could say I have a collection going, and I really can’t resist when I see one that I love.  However, a white cake stand is so classic, and works all through the year, but definitely in the spring.  It’s perfect for all of your spring and Easter desserts, or as part of your spring decor.

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | Classic White Cake Stand | simply kierste.com


Boxwood Wreath

Oh, boxwood wreath, how I love you!  These beautiful green wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, and they’re one of my all-time favorite pieces of decor. I have them up in my home all year long, and they just work, no matter the season.  For spring, it’s all about adding a little greenery to brighten up your space, and a boxwood wreath is perfect hanging on a chalkboard, on a door, over a window, or really, anywhere!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Flour Sack Dishtowels

I have a lot of dishtowels that are patterned, striped, and different colors, and I love them all. But the ones that I love best of all, and the ones I come back to time after time, are Flour Sack Dishtowels.  They’re classic, white, bright, and work in any spring kitchen.  I always have them in my kitchen drawer, and I think I will forever!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Pink Nail Polish

I’ll let you in on a little something about me.  My toenails have been continually painted since I was in high school–with no breaks. When I take polish off, I immediately put it back on!  So, I always have nail polish on hand, and for spring, I always go lighter.  I like a lot of different colors, but I’m always drawn to pink the most!  Having a fun color on my toes makes wearing flip flops and sandals even more fun!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com


Straw Bag

I think straw bags are so adorable, and I always think spring when I see someone with one.  I have a really big one that I adore, and use for the beach, but I love this smaller one for regular use and traveling.  And isn’t that tassel so cute?  I love it!

A Few of My Favorite Spring Things | simply kierste.com

Come on spring, I’m ready!!

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    1. Yes, my boxwood wreath is up! :) I like to use different ribbons for the seasons—it’s a easy way to dress it up!

  1. Hi Kierste, can I ask where’s that straw bag from? Also, I love this post! You have great taste! I hope you do something similar for each of the upcoming seasons!

    1. Thank you so much, Kerstin! I love love that straw bag too–it’s from Amazon!! There is a link at the bottom of the post–if you can’t find it, let me know!! xoxo

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