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I {heart} pinterest.   I really do.  It’s been the reason for WAY too many late nights! I also love sharing all the fabulous ideas that I find, and I’m excited to to tell you that I’m going to dedicate one post a week to my favorite Pinterest Ideas in the following categories: Entertaining/Parties, Food, Sweet Treats, Healthy Life, Organization, Holiday, Craft, DIY, Family, Home Design, and Kids/Baby. (Who knows…I might even add a few more categories! ☺ 

I think it’s important to note that these ideas aren’t FROM Pinterest, they’re from the person who created them, and Pinterest is just the conduit.  I know they would love a visit to their site, and a comment too!


Adding colored ribbon to the backs of the chair is such a darling and easy idea!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Kara’s Party Ideas


I am always on the lookout for delicious and easy dinner ideas, and as soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted to try it!!  YUM!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice

{healthy life}

I am really working to lose this darn baby weight, and while exercising and eating healthy is going well, my weakness is SUGAR.  Ugh.  I pinned this as soon as I saw it!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Homemade by Jaci 


{sweet treat}

Confession time.  The board of mine that has the most pins?  Sweet Treats, HANDS DOWN. What was I saying about sugar?  ☺ Lemon is my absolute favorite, and these Lemon Bar Muddy Buddies look fabulous!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Lemon Tree Dwelling 



I’m an organization girl, and I always appreciate a really great organizing idea.  I LOVE this clever way to carry earbuds and a phone charger in your purse!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Apartment Therapy 


{holiday…4th of july}

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday (next to Christmas), and I absolutely love finding fun ideas for patriotic food.  These cupcakes are such a simple idea, but have such a big effect!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Party City 



I ADORE this brilliant idea by The Cheese Thief–a Mason Jar Spout!!  LOVE!!!

mason jar spout | oldsaltfarm.com
The Cheese Thief 



Who doesn’t love a cute board/pallet sign??!!  This is such an easy and clever idea for adding text!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Diddle Dumpling

{home design}

Yes.  Plywood for a wood floor.  And it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com




I’ve got three boys, and teaching them to be gentlemen is something that’s very important to me.  This pin definitely caught my eye.

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Club 31 Women 



Pool Noodles and Race Cars?  Two favorites at our house!

pinterest love | oldsaltfarm.com

Ramblings From Utopia 


WOW!  What a fantastic idea list!  I hope you’ve found a little bit of inspiration today–for yourself, your family, or your home.

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  1. THANK you for putting both links – I get frustrated when I can’t find the actual pin on posts like this!

    (and that was an awesome list of stuff too!)

  2. I love these! I don’t get on Pinterest too often, because I often feel inadequate for not doing all of the stuff I see and love, so I love this list! Thanks for sorting through and finding a few golden nuggets for me. Love them! Just printed off the “gentleman” printable for my boys. :)

    1. Brigette, I’m so glad!! I loved that gentlemen post so much…you’ll have to tell me what you think!!! xo

  3. Pinterest is how I found you, my dear! I call you my crafting friend! I am a teacher, in California, in the Bay Area {about 20 minutes from Pinterest headquarters} and my dream summer job is to work at Pinterest! I do have a feeling that you don’t get to craft or pin all day, but that they just might make someone work! Oh well, it’s a dream! I love, love, love Pinterest!!!!!

    1. YAY for pinterest! I’m so happy that’s how you found me! That’s so cool you live so close to Pinterest…do they do tours, lol? I think even if you weren’t pinning or crafting all day, it sounds like a fun place to work. Who knows…dreams can come true! :)

  4. I love Pinterest and have been down that rabbit hole for many late nights, too! This is a great idea for a weekly post! I can’t wait to see what you show me next week!

    1. Thanks for your note, Krista! I’m really excited about the series–so glad you are too!! xoxo

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