Favorite Farmhouse Clocks You’ll Love!

I absolutely adore farmhouse clocks, and have several of them in my home.  They come in all sizes, so they work in a variety of spaces. I love the really big clocks for large walls, because it’s an easy way to fill up the space.  But small, medium, or large, lend perfect farmhouse charm wherever they are! If you’ve seen them and wondered where to get them, I’m sharing a collection of some of my favorites…and where you can find them!

Favorite Farmhouse Clocks and Where to Buy Them!

If you love farmhouse style, adding a farmhouse clock somewhere in your home is an easy way to add it to your space.  I like a variety of them, and have a huge white one, and a couple of the black ones.  I love each one! I also have neutral walls and decor, so they fit in perfectly with that. s

Before & After: Farmhouse Style Music Room & Library | oldsaltfarm.com

Farmhouse clocks come in several sizes, but today I’m focusing on a collection of the large wall size clocks. They really transform a whole room–I just love them, and you can see!  There are so many fantastic options for large farmhouse clocks–metal, wood, black, white, distressed–and depending on your personal style and the style of the space, there are lots to choose from.

Favorite Farmhouse Clocks | oldsaltfarm.com #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #farmhouseclocks

Whitewashed Wall Clock

Black Wash Wall Clock (this is the one in my family room)

Rustic White Clock

1822 Old Sherriff’s Black Clock

Vintage Distressed Turquoise Clock

Windmill Clock

Oversized Square Rustic Clock

Farmer’s Market Clock

White Metal Wall Clock (this one is over my piano)

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