Family Prayer & Scripture Chart

We are a religious family, and one of our goals as a family is family prayer & scripture study.  We also have a family night (Family Home Evening) once a  week, typically on Monday nights, where we all have our schedules cleared and do things together.  With school starting next week, our laidback summer is coming to an end, and I’m getting things ready now so we can be as organized as possible, in all aspects of our family life.

I’m a list girl, and I like to check things off!  Lists help me stay organized, motivated, and also gauge progress.  My kids love the visual of a list, and it helps keep them on track and excited.  So…I created this weekly checklist, so we could post it and check off each day as we go.  I decided on a weekly list, as opposed to monthly, because with my little ones (and even the big ones too!), it’s easier to keep motivated for shorter periods of time. We’ll have weekly rewards, which they will love!

family scripture chart |

When to have family prayer & scripture each day?  There is no right or wrong answer…it all depends on your family, the ages of your kids, and your schedule.  We do ours at night, right before the kids go to bed, as part of our bedtime routine, which works really well for us.  We also have our “two thumbs up”, and talk about any calendar items for the next day.  I also like to read my kids a short scripture story and prayer while they’re eating breakfast before school, and I’ve found it’s a great way to start the day.

How to use the chart? I like to print it out, and place it inside a frame, and use it as a dry erase chart.  You can also put it up on a corkboard, magnet board, or whatever works best!

Download Our Family Scripture Chart |

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