Personalized Mason Jar Drink Toppers

Mason jars are pretty much my favorite thing ever, and they have been for a very long time.  I even used them at my wedding reception years ago, and I had no idea then how popular they would become.  They have so many uses, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they are super cute as drinking glasses, and they’re perfect for all of your summer entertaining.  I often use cupcake liners as easy mason jar toppers for gifts and as drinking glasses, but this time around I was looking for something I could personalize.  I decided to make a bunch of mason jar drink toppers for the 4th of July, and  I LOVE how they turned out!

Mason Jar Drink Toppers |

I stamped patriotic words on the tops, and it’s a fun & easy way to personalize them. How adorable would it be to stamp names, and use them as place cards!  Super easy and so inexpensive, which is my favorite way to do things.

Mason Jar Drink Toppers |

Mason Jar Drink Toppers |


Mason Jar Drink Toppers

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-mason jars

-kraft cardstock

-paper straws

-alphabet stamps

-ink pad



  1. Trace the lid of the mason jar onto the kraft card stock–one per jar you need–then cut them out.
  2. Stamp desired text on each circle–keeping in mind where you want the hole for the straw to go.
  3. Gently fold each circle over just enough so that you can make a little cut in the center–this is where the straw will go through.
  4. Put a circle on top of each jar in place of the lid, then screw on the ring.  Poke a straw through the slit you made.

That’s it!  Adorable Mason Jar Drink Toppers!

Mason Jar Drink Toppers

Mason Jar Drink Toppers



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    1. Absolutely!!! I wanted my hole a little farther in, and my hole punch wouldn’t reach, but if you want it near the edge, it would be perfect. Some straws are a little fatter than a traditional hole punch, so you just need to play around with it. Thanks so much for stopping by!! xoxo

  1. These are really cute for fourth of july! I think it would be even cuter to leave a marker out and let people add their names on it. Thank you for sharing :)

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