Easter Peeps House

Make these adorable Easter Peeps houses….a simple and fun Easter craft for kids!

Yep, these were all designed and created by my kiddos! We had so much fun making these Easter Peeps Houses. With all that’s going on in the world right now, and the fact that we need to stay home, I’m always looking for simple and fun activities to keep my kids engaged. With Easter here in a couple of weeks, this was the perfect thing, and it kept them busy and happy for a long time.

You can get much fancier with these if you want to…royal icing, even hot glue to keep them together. You can make the houses ahead of time so that they’re much more sturdy. But for this particular activity, I like letting my kids design, build, and decorate their own houses. If they need help, I’m there, but they get so much satisfaction from doing it on their own, even it might not look perfect to someone else. And they love it–that’s the part that makes it fun for them. Just set out all of the supplies, and let them go for it!

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One of my boys decided to build a three story house, and he worked so hard on it. It was really fun to watch him figure out how to build it so it wouldn’t collapse. I love it!

Make Easter Peeps Houses

You only need a few things to put these together, and you can get creative and add anything you like!


  • Graham crackers (I used square ones, so we didn’t have to trim them.)
  • Frosting (I like just canned vanilla frosting)
  • Shredded coconut
  • Green food coloring (this is my favorite liquid gel food coloring!)
  • Candy eggs (Cadbury, Whoppers, jelly beans)
  • Peeps
  • Sprinkles


I give each child a paper plate and plastic knife, pack or two of graham crackers, and a can of frosting per ever 2-3 kids. Mix green food coloring into shredded coconut to make grass, and then set that out with Easter sprinkles and candy eggs. The kids do the rest of the work! Create!

Enjoy this fun Easter activity with your kids…it’s a favorite at our house! P.S. They would be just as fun after Easter, with all the leftover candy!

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